Oceans BOM – February block

The Quilt Art Designs pattern is out for the February paper-pieced ocean theme quilt. This one is a sea lion pup floating in the sea. A great use of perspective. I really liked January’s sea turtle, but I like this one even more.

The pattern comes with layout pics for both colors and piece order.
The pattern comes with layout pics for both colors and piece order.

Lots of tiny little pieces with this one. Also a lot of browns, which I didn’t have enough of so it was off to the fabric store to get three more marbled fabrics is various browns to add to the little I had. For the water I had a great remnant from the bag that my friend gave me of all her marbled and batik quilting scraps.

As an example of how many little bits there are (running A – S, so 19 segments) in the paper pieces, here is one of the eyes in progress:

The start of the eye
More pieces added to the eye – seam ripper added for scale
The rather chewed up paper backing

All told, I think this block took me about seven hours to create. Definitely a good thing that there is only one a month! Of course, if I was more careful, and didn’t need the seam ripper so often, I’d have shaved at least an hour off that time.

Assembly in progress
Assembly in progress
She still needs whiskers, but she's a cutey!
She still needs whiskers, but she’s a cutey!

I’m very enthusiastic about the finished block. Though I plan to do some really simple sewing to give my brain a break!

The finished block!
The finished block!

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