Manta ray

The third block in the Oceans QAL from Quilt Arts Design is a manta ray gliding along the ocean floor.

Oceans QAL - numbered fabric

I started yesterday and finished up today.  It went together with only my usual paper piecing issues – putting fabric on upside down is the most common mistake that requires the seam ripper.  I had to hunt for the K piece for a while as well – it turned up under the dining room table.

Oceans QAL - clue 3 in progress

Oceans QAL - clue 3 - trimming

Oceans QAL - clue 3 - assemby

The only dissatisfaction I have with my final results is the dark blue section.  It makes too large a jump  between the blues – the change is too drastic.  A lighter blue would have been less jarring.  I was limited by my stash, but next time I’d hop to the store to get more choices.  I do like the lighter patterned batiks I used in the top blues, which I was unsure about at the time.  I don’t know how the dark blue escaped me.

The finished 14″ block:

Oceans QAL - Manta ray - finished block

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Hello from Washington. I am a knitter, spinner, and quilter who is constantly looking for the next fiber hobby to add.

3 thoughts on “Manta ray”

    1. I’m really enjoying the project, and she does a great job with the directions for putting the puzzle together. But now I have to decide if I’m going to seam rip and change the color or just pretend I don’t notice.


  1. Hi! I think your block is lovely! If you google what the ocean floor looks like you will be surprised at the huge changes in colours to a dark (same as yours) closer to the floor. Love those fabrics you used for the sun shining onto the water.


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