An actual finished quilt!

i haven’t accomplished a lot this week, but I did buckle down a bit yesterday (or rather put down the ebooks and took up the fabric) and finish up a quilt.

HST  pin basting

It is the pin basting that prevents me from getting more tops past the top stage to the quilting stage. Crawling around on the basement floor is hard on the knees.  But when I’m actually doing it, I always wonder why I put it off.  It isn’t as much of a chore as I build it up to be.

I wanted polka dots for the back to contrast with all the angles and straight lines on the front, but I didn’t find what I wanted in the colors I was looking for.  But I like the teal circles on white that I did find almost as much as my original vision.

HST quilt pin basted

I quilted it quickly and simply once the pinning was done, with parallel lines echoing the path of the arrows.  Light gray thread on the front and white in the bobbin.  There is a small amount of wobble in my straight lines – I’m never going to be the world’s most accurate sewer – but I like the emphasis it gives the angles.

A little squareing and trimming:


and the spiffy wonder clips to help with the hand stitching of the deep red binding:

HST quilt binding

And now it just needs its first wash to add the crinkles and I can list it in the store!

HST quilt finished

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Hello from Washington. I am a knitter, spinner, and quilter who is constantly looking for the next fiber hobby to add.

9 thoughts on “An actual finished quilt!”

    1. Thank you. I’ve gone back and forth on the color choices I made – I sewed the triangles without a plan, and couldn’t decide if I liked it or not, but once I decided on the arrow look, I do like it.


    1. If I ever win the lottery, I’ll get some sort of padded flooring that pins can’t damage – there must be something like that out in the world.


  1. Great colors and design! I don’t like pin basting either, I was just crawling around on my floor last night pinning a quilt together.


    1. It really is a pain, isn’t it! Literally and figuratively. I keep buying spray baste, but I never quite have the nerve to try it with anything other than a mini quilt. I’m afraid it won’t work and I’ll have to take out all the stitching. Pinning is faster than ripping!


  2. Johnna, Purchase an inexpensive six foot table from Costco or a building supply store. Tape a quarter down in the center. Place your backing and use bulldog clips to keep it taut. Then place your batting, and center your quilt. Pin, and move when necessary. I have been quilting for 27 years and have pinned my quilts like this ever since. The table stores easily and I have never been down on the floor pinning quilts. I have perfect backs when quilting, no puckers at all. It really is an amazingly efficient way to pin baste your quilts. And I won’t use adhesive spray, as I am not convinced that its entirely healthy!


    1. This is a terrific idea and I’m going to do it! After I read your comment I looked up bulldog clips, which I hadn’t known the name of, looked through some images of how it works, and I’m inspired. I’m going to go buy a folding table as soon as the next payday comes. I’ve been wanting a table anyway for outdoor dyeing, so it will be multipurpose.


  3. I actually use twoof the 6 foot folding tables and a chair with rollers. It makes pinning a quilt a breeze. I could not do the pinning on the floor thing. If the quilt is too big for the tables I do the center then unclamp and readjust to do the corners.


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