Measure twice cut once

Or, in the case of the new bathroom curtain my sister and I wove, measure thrice and weave twice.  I just wanted a simple fairly open weave panel to hang on a rod, cafe curtain style.  The bathroom window is fogged glass, but when the window is open, I step from the shower directly into eye view of the neighbors if they happen to be looking over the backyard fence.  (Which they probably never do, but I worry.)

So we measured and figured – several times – and she warped up the loom with a white linen yarn that I have cones and cones of due to a really good deal once at ColourMart.

Linen curtain panel on loom

We took turns weaving, fighting the completely inelastic yarn at times.  Then we cut it off the loom and I hemmed the edges and folded over the top for a sleeve for the curtain rod.

Then I hung it up and our mutual inability to measure with any skill became clear.

Woven linen curtain

It doesn’t reach the edges of the window!

And it is see through, which kind of defeats the whole point of it.  It is more of a screen than a curtain since the weave is so open.

Back to the loom, this time with a much longer warp and a denser heddle to get a tighter weave.

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Hello from Washington. I am a knitter, spinner, and quilter who is constantly looking for the next fiber hobby to add.

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