Visiting socks

My friend came into town for a weekend visit.  She is my long time knitting and spinning buddy, with a particular passion for sock knitting.  Countless pairs of socks have come from her double pointed needles!  Currently she’s working on a basket full of colorful mismatched socks from all the leftovers of previous pairs.  The plan is to sell them at a craft fair – people can choose any two of the socks they like.

Crazy socks

She also wanted to try weaving, so we warped up my Kromski loom with more sock yarn.

Weaving lesson

The two of us converged as crafters from different starting points. I began as a knitter, way back in college, though I gave it up for about ten years after college because of tendinitis. There were a few years in there somewhere when I was an avid cross stitcher as well.  Ten or twelve years ago I took up knitting again and quickly developed a lace knitting passion.  About five years ago I also started spinning, and then added some weaving.  She is a quilter who shifted to mainly knitting about 8-10 years ago and became a spinner fairly recently. And now she can also say she weaves.  I took up quilting two years ago (after a bit of simplistic quilting years and years ago that faded away) and haven’t been doing a lot of knitting since, and even less spinning.   Amongst my fiber friends we all pass the various skills and interests around to each other.  Everyone teaches someone else one of their interests until we all can do most of them to some degree.  Keeps the interest levels high!  We move into and out of various types, but the love for fiber in all its forms never goes away.

I so so miss being part of the knitting and spinning group we had up north.  I really need to do something about finding a group around here to do fiber crafts with.  I’ve just never been good at going out into a group of strangers.  She and I have been friends for more than 30 years, since before either of us had anything to do with yarn or fabric, so it was easy to slip into her already in place group when my husband and I moved back to the U.S. some years ago.  Starting completely from scratch with new people is harder for me.

Oh, and she brought me this!

Sock yarn to dye

We went in together on an order of undyed fingering weight yarn.  So much potential just waiting for me to splash colors onto it!  Add yarn and roving dyeing to the fiber skills list for our crafting circle of friends.

It was great to spend the day together.  She wove, I worked on my running stitch embroidery, and a third friend who joined us for the afternoon was knitting, so there were a lot of different fiber forms represented around the table.

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Hello from Washington. I am a knitter, spinner, and quilter who is constantly looking for the next fiber hobby to add.

4 thoughts on “Visiting socks”

  1. Sounds wonderful! My friend taught me to crochet a few years ago and so far I have managed to pass it on to another friend, whilst failing miserably with three others! I have also tried teaching my mum however that’s going to take some time!! I’d love to host a Crafternoon Tea…but my friends just aren’t crafty lol – youre very lucky to have creative buddies 🙂 xx


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