Fabulous, but not so fast

My aunt recently commissioned me to make a quilt for her daughter whose long term quilt bedspread was disintegrating.  A lot of emails ensued.  I sent many pictures culled from Google Images and Pinterest to my cousin who narrowed down the designs to two:

A's quilt choices

imageI then settled on the Amy Smart quilt – called Mooccan Tiles – for two important reasons.  The first is the pattern for the blocks takes far fewer steps.  The second one is I already own the pattern book!

Next step was sending my cousin off to the fabric store near her to get print ideas.  I sent yardage amounts in case she found fabric she couldn’t live without.  I think she found it a bit overwhelming, but it was useful because she decided she really loved batiks, and she found a blue that went with her current bed skirt so we could build the quilt around that anchor color. She ended up buying that blue and a few fat quarters of blue and purple batiks and mailing them to me.

With those in hand, I went to the 35% off sale at Fabric Depot and bought a LOT of fabric.  Because what makes this quilt not-so-fast is the fact that I’m scaling it up to 96″ x 96″.  Not a small quilt.  In fact, it will be the largest I’ve ever made, and I’m rather daunted at the idea of getting it all through my sewing machine.  I’m still exploring the possibilities for quilting it in sections, but haven’t decided yet.A's quilt fabric

Those are the fabrics I ended up with after a long time pulling and replacing bolts in the batik aisle.  The deep blue near the top is her choice, as are a few of the fat quarters.  I added more blues and purples and some green and magenta touches.  The only one that isn’t going in is the one in the bottom right, as it just didn’t blend in with the others when I put all the strips together.  Should have maybe figured that out before I cut it into strips!

I started the cutting and sewing yesterday and I’ve made some real progress by this evening.

imageimageA's quilt in progressA's quilt in progressA's quilt in progressA's quilt in progressA's quilt in progressA's quilt in progress

That last photo is what 144 blocks looks like.  I spent time trying to mix up the different prints as much as possible. No block has the same fabric twice, and then I made the piles to make sure that really similar blocks would not land too closely together.  No guarantees, but the spread of prints should be pretty random.

I’m completely enamoured of the colors, the batik fabric, and the pale silver Kona cotton for the sashing.  Next step is to cut all the plain silver blocks that will go between the colorful blocks.

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