Holiday sewing

I left it a little late to get to the holiday sewing, and I’m definitely having to scale back my planned list of projects.  It has been crazy around here, particularly with my husband suddenly leaving the country for a business trip to Italy.

But he got back last night and today I tagged him in for kid duty and spent some time in the craft room getting started on presents.

It was an assembly line of zipped pouches today.  I’m going to put hand knits in each one for my sister, nieces, and cousins.  These are fun to make, not particularly tricky, and the end result is cute and useful.

I followed this tutorial, with some changes in the steps. I cut larger pieces and then quilted them with batting rather than fusing on backing.  Some got wavy lines, some straight.  After the quilting I cut out the quilted fabric and the lining together and then cut the large pieces in half for the two sides.  Easier to quilt one larger piece than two smaller ones.

I had a lot of zippers that I’ve picked up here and there, but I still ended up needing a trip to the fabric store because I needed more in the yellow/orange range.  My local JoAnn’s didn’t have a single orange zipper!  Yellow worked instead, but who bought up all the oranges?  Halloween costumes?

The length of the zipper doesn’t matter as they get cut off and the ends covered anyway.  I started out using my zipper foot but abandoned it quickly so I didn’t have to keep switching feet.  The fabric edges don’t need to be too close to the zipper teeth, so I didn’t need the specialized foot.

Some quick seams, turning right side out, a short top stitch to close the lining hole, minimal pressing, and I have a lot of pouches to fill with knitting!




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Hello from Washington. I am a knitter, spinner, and quilter who is constantly looking for the next fiber hobby to add.

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