Cabin quilts

While we were at our cabin this holiday weekend, I took pictures of projects that I have there.

On the wall inside the front door is this little paper boat.


I made the pattern for the paper pieced sail boat after looking at pics.  I’ve wanted to make another one since I made this one – I’d like the sky blocks to be smaller, and the sun to be larger.  Also, though you can’t see it in the picture, there is a cloud sewn into the sky.  Next time the cloud will show up!  Still, it is cheerful and suits a cabin.

Over the kitchen table is one of the larger fused fabric quilts I’ve made.  Blurry picture, sorry.


It has all sorts of elements – fused fabric, quilting, embroidery, knitted shellfish, buttons, 3D.  Busy, busy!  I learned a lot making it, but it took a very long time so I’m probably not going to make anything that intricate again.  But it also really fits in its cabin setting.

The living room area of the cabin is really bland.  The carpet is purposely sand colored, and the furniture was all free hand-me-downs from various people and is pretty colorless.  So I imported the brightest quilt I’ve ever made, sewn from fabric from the very colorful Malka Dubrowski fabric line.

The quilting was done with a really shiny yellow thread that I fought with constantly, and the back was a Goodwill sheet that was a perfect geometric pattern while adding a little calm to the blazing colors.  Really, the quilt is even brighter in person.  It definitely adds some badly needed color to the very bland room.

The master bedroom wall is still bare and awaiting inspiration, but we are planning on either renting or selling the cabin, so I guess I don’t need to find the perfect project for that wall.  Instead I need to figure out  where these projects are going to go in the future when we have to clear out the cabin.  I’m sad to think about not having the place any more, but it is just a bit too far for us to get to for short weekends since we’ve moved to Oregon, and my husband’s job changes means he doesn’t have the flexibility anymore that let him work from the cabin during longer summer vacations there.


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Hello from Washington. I am a knitter, spinner, and quilter who is constantly looking for the next fiber hobby to add.

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