I just finished a great getaway weekend with my friends.  I met up with two of them at an Airbnb apartment in Tacoma, WA, and we spent all of Saturday and much of Sunday  with the fiber crowd at the Madrona Fiber Arts winter retreat.  The retreat offers loads of classes on spinning, knitting, weaving and other fiber craft, and a marketplace that isn’t overwhelming in size while still managing to be absolute temptation.


The Murano hotel is right next to the Glass Museum, so it is filled with examples of art in different glass techniques, including very retreat appropriate representations of knitted glass.

Even the bathrooms had pretty glass.  And I had my brush with knitting greatness when I was washing my hands next to the Yarn Harlot.

I’ve taken classes in the past, but this time I just wanted to hang out with my girlfriends and catch up and knit and spin and shop the vendors.

And that definitely happened!

Lots of window shopping and yarn and fiber fondling in the marketplace.  Really bright colors everywhere.  Beads and blown glass needles and luxury fibers in abundance.

I spent a lot of time in the Churchmouse booth.  I really want to knit a sweater they had on display, but I couldn’t decide on a color – I like the dark jewel tones, but lighter is really better for showing off cables.

In the end I decided to mull it over a while.  2200 yards is a lot of yarn – I need to get the color right.

I was fairly restrained in my shopping overall. Reminding myself that I had just reviewed the 27 pounds of fiber I already have was a necessary bucket of cold water when I started to pile up the possible spinning purchases.  And my stash is definitely not hurting for yarn either.  I brought three works in progress for this weekend because I couldn’t decide which I would want to work on, and I have more waiting, half finished, in the wings.  So only one braid of fiber  (but yak/silk/merino – yum!) and some notions.  Self control wins one.

When we weren’t shopping, we met up with other friends as they came and went to their classes, and sat in the rotunda, watching craft demonstrations, knitting, and meeting new people.  There were also great meals in nearby restaurants. (Oh, how I’ve missed Indian food! There are no good Indian restaurants anywhere near my house.)

In the evening there was chocolate and wine and spinning back at the apartment.  A really great weekend.

And, a shout out to my husband, who took the kids out and about all weekend and didn’t utter a word of complaint that I was missing both our anniversary and Valentine’s Day.  He even had a bouquet of tulips and a box of chocolates delivered to the apartment!  I married so well.




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Hello from Washington. I am a knitter, spinner, and quilter who is constantly looking for the next fiber hobby to add.

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