So close to being finished

I put a lot of time in on the Night Sky quilt this weekend.  My son has been standing by my shoulder, urging me on – he wants his quilt!


I’d almost finished quilting the tree portion before wandering off to some shinier project, so I finished that up quickly yesterday.  I used wavy lines and a green ombré thread.  If I was going to do it over, I would probably change both of those decisions.  I think a straighter line and a darker green might have been better so the lines didn’t distract from the angles of the trees. But my son says he likes it, so it will do.


The next step was outlining the stars with a combo of echo and stitch-in-the-ditch quilting.  I love the way the outline shows up in the back, though it is less obvious since I added the background quilting.


I quilted the sky in loops, throwing in a few five pointed stars.  I went through a multitude of bobbins – free motion quilting sucks up a lot of thread.  I had another ombré thread in blues for this part.  I had some trouble seeing where I’d already quilted with the darker thread so there is overlapping in places – my quilting skills never quite live up to the picture in my mind’s eye.


I did the moon last, and tried out a new-to-me free motion pattern of dense circles.  I think it is called pebbles?  I think it looks like moon craters.



I got as far as trimming the quilt before I ran out of steam.  The binding fabric is waiting to be cut and sewn – by the end of the week my son will have his new Night Sky to sleep under.

Oh, and a lot of thread ends to bury!


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Hello from Washington. I am a knitter, spinner, and quilter who is constantly looking for the next fiber hobby to add.

4 thoughts on “So close to being finished”

  1. I admire you doing this on your home machine.. I’ve tried to machine quilt.. It’s such a disaster. So I just stick to the snail handquilting.


    1. My quilting is still a little wobbly, but there has been improvement. I can free motion quilt twin size quilts fairly easily on my home machine, but anything larger than that is a problem due to the bulk. I generally stick to the walking foot with those.

      Someday I’d like to learn to hand quilt – I love the look of the stitches.


  2. I just found and am enjoying your blog. I have a question about your cutting station. I have a “big board” and have thought about creating a space for storage underneath it, as you have. My question is, how do you press really large things like quilt tops and backs, without being able to pull the board away from the wall?


    1. The craft table I bought came with casters. So when I have something big to iron I can pull it away from the wall and let the quilt tops hang down the back of the table. My ironing board also isn’t attached, so if I really need a lot of room, I can take it out to the dining room table, but usually just moving it away from the wall a half foot is enough.

      I also have a big cutting mat that I put on top of it for lots of cutting room, and then I use the small one when I’m cutting and ironing at the same time. It is a very versatile space when I don’t let a lot of things pile up on it. I’m going to put some shelves above it which will help with that,


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