Red and white blocks finished!

I have finished making all the red and white blocks for my X sampler quilt!

Block 17 – Card Basket (This one might be my favorite.  Sturdy, not too fancy, but with interesting elements.)


Block 18 – Card Trick


Block 19 – Cats and Mice


And block 20 – Chuck a Luck. (I continue to think the names of these blocks make no sense at all. Card Trick I sort of see, given the shape, but what about the block below makes it a chuck a luck?  What is a chuck a luck?)


As I have been, I made some changes to the color schemes as I went along to emphasize the X shapes. Card basket and chuck a luck (can’t stop saying that) were changed the most, to get rid of colors in the corners and to stick to only two reds.

My layout plan:


The next step is to make all the blocks the same size.  They are between 10 and 11 inches now, so I’m going to get them all to 14″.  There will also be a red border of some kind. I have ideas in my head for that but nothing concrete yet.

There will be plenty of time to play with ideas today as I had to stay home to meet a plumber.  We are starting a kitchen remodel  and the first step was putting in windows – one to replace a door, and a garden window over the sink.  Where, it turns out, there is a pipe that is two inches too high and must be moved.  So for now, my kitchen looks like this:


It lacks a certain appeal, doesn’t it.

As always, all of the blocks for the quilt have come from this book.  The plan is to eventually make them all for various quilts – that will be quite the stack of blankets if I achieve it.


The previous X block posts can be found here.



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9 thoughts on “Red and white blocks finished!”

    1. That’s wonderful to have such a piece of family heritage and that it is being used and loved! I’m a fairly new quilter, but I do hope that some of them survive to be used by future family. We had a lace tablecloth that my great grandmother crocheted and we knew it was a really special meal when my mom brought it out.


  1. Beautiful! I like that so many quilters these days are opting to use solid colors as opposed to prints. It’s appealing. However, my stash is filled to the brim with prints purchased over the last 25 years, so I will leave it to others to use solids. Found you through Crazy Mom link party. 😊


    1. My favorite quilts are the scrappy ones – I have so many little pieces that I can’t quite bear to get rid of, so they make their way into a lot of quilts. But I do like using the solids – Kona cotton comes in so many colors and my local fabric store carries a lot of them. I’ve been gathering a rainbow of solids lately, and now I just need to decide on a pattern to start using it.


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