It hit 102 degrees here today! That is crazy hot for this time of year. A good day for indoor activities.  Thank goodness I gave in to my husband and we installed airconditioning this winter. Our house is poorly insulated – none at all in the sides – so it heats up fast.

With all this indoors time on my hands. I made a dent in my long WIP list, but only because I chose the very quickest projects to get them off the list.  Which meant a lot of ripped out knitting.  I spent all the spare minutes here and there today on frogging various projects and wondering why I let them hang around so long.


I keep a lot of my unfinished knitting in a basket on a bookshelf.  Some of it has been in there for years.

Frogged first:

A novelty yarn scarf on gigantic wooden needles – you can see it peeking out in the basket picture above. The yarn was a free handout from a Mariners stitch-n-pitch day in Seattle.  Before the new stadium was built, which means it is years old.  And only one skein of the unattractive yarn, so how did I think that would make a whole scarf?  And who was going to wear it?  It’s undone now, and the yarn is going in the donation bag.


Next up for frogging – some slippers in a pink handspun yarn that was remnants from other projects. I could never get the shape of the first slipper to be what I wanted, so after several tries, it is permanently unraveled and the yarn is going back into the odds and ends bin for a future use.  I bought slippers a while back anyway.

Also frogged – an odd little project started back when my youngest son asked for a knitted cupcake.  Neither he or I can remember why he wanted it, and I never got the weird novelty yarn to look very frosting like.  It is gone now.


My daily temperature scarf I rather regret saying goodbye to.  It was part of a Ravelry knit-a-long where the rows represented the high or low temperature of each day.  I did a linen stitch pattern and really liked the overall look.  But it fell to the pressures of packing up our house and moving out of state; I didn’t keep track of the temps and never caught up.  Plus, as it grew, I doubted my yarn choice. Knit Picks Palette yarn is great for color work, but not soft around a neck.  I doubt it would ever have gotten worn.  It is currently in the wash pile to be felted and cut up for coasters.


The oldest project I just unraveled was the start of a ladybug stranded knit that I started back when we got our adoption referral for our first son. He was two then; he’s ten now.  Time to say good-bye to the luridly colored little thing.  The colors – what was I thinking?  And he’s never been willing to wear a sweater since we met him, so this project was not one to ever be finished.


In addition to all the destruction, there was one completed project today.  Again, a very quick one from the list.  All my niece’s fused fabric octopus wall quilt needed was hanging tabs sewn on the back and one button replacement.  It is done as of this afternoon, so I get to cross something off the list that was construction rather than deconstruction.


I recovered a lot of yarn and some needles.  This picture is pre-ladybug frogging, so the pile grew bigger.  And my friend just texted about an upcoming yarn swap gathering, so some of it will go away all together.

All the low-hanging fruit is now gone, however, and I’m going to have to start diving into the bigger projects.

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Hello from Washington. I am a knitter, spinner, and quilter who is constantly looking for the next fiber hobby to add.

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