A yarn finish


Another WIP can be crossed off my list.  I finished spinning the blue and purple merino that I dyed once upon a time, long enough ago that I don’t remember dyeing it.

I plied the bobbin with an even earlier spin.  That is the stuff wound on the toilet paper cardboard, which tells me that it was spindle spun – whenever I filled a spindle, I would use my yarn winder to wrap it around a paper tube.

Sidetrack: I went through quite a hand spindle stage a couple years ago.  I learned on a wheel first, and then experimented with different sorts of spindles – supported, Turkish, top and bottom whorl drop spindles.  Top whorl drop spindles turned out to be my favorite, and I carried them all around, keeping the spinning going.  Somehow, I fell out of the habit though.  I could spin faster on the wheel, which was part of it, and knitting was even more portable, so I reverted to those.

I still have a bunch of spindles though.


Anyway, I plied the newly wheel spun single to the thinner, much older spindle spun ply and got a lovely varigated skein of a bouncy DK to worsted yarn.

Skeined on the umbrella swift
Heading into its finishing bath
The finished skein

I have more left on the bobbin, so I should end up with about 350 yards in all.  Maybe a hat and mittens?

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Hello from Washington. I am a knitter, spinner, and quilter who is constantly looking for the next fiber hobby to add.

2 thoughts on “A yarn finish”

  1. Unfortunately I have little knowledge of spindles and yarn in general. However, I do know that I love the results! Those colors are fabulous…I can imagine a beautiful hat and mittens.


    1. I don’t spin as much as I used to, but it is a very relaxing hobby. And I have 27 pounds of fiber in various cupboards, so I need to start doing it more often!


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