Fast fish

A relatively fast finish anyway.  The previous block in this Oceans series took me over a year from start to finish, so the three days this blue fin tuna took is lightning in comparison.

I showed in the last post how some of the sections have a lot of very tiny pieces – here’s another example:


In contrast, there were some big swaths of background water that made me worried the blue was going to run out.  In the end I had only very small bits left.  Everything remaining is in this picture – it was a tense finish to see if there would be enough!


The tuna, in contrast, didn’t take a lot of any particular fabric.  I especially liked this one – it looks like fish scales to me.

The completed sections, awaiting trimming and attaching:

And block five, the September 2015 block, is done!


Next up, an octopus.

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Hello from Washington. I am a knitter, spinner, and quilter who is constantly looking for the next fiber hobby to add.

6 thoughts on “Fast fish”

  1. I thought these two have tiny pieces, but the octopus block has to be the worst. I’m coming back just to see the finished piece and then to see the quilt with all the blocks, of course!

    On another note, while in Iowa on vacation, we saw the prettiest little yellow birds at one of the state parks. I don’t know the species, but the yellow was almost neon. Now when I see your blog name, I think of those little bathing beauties.


    1. I’ll have to google yellow birds in Iowa. 🙂

      I’m still deliberating fabric choices for the octopus. Yesterday we were at an aquarium looking at the real thing and it made me doubt my choices – I need more spots. And yes, the pieces are going to require the reading glasses!


  2. Wow that is spectacular! I can’t believe how many tiny pieces are in there but it looks stunning all together


  3. The designer does a great job making the intricate patterns achievable. But I do have to take breaks to look at big pieces of fabric after working on them awhile. 🙂


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