Socks by the sea

This morning we had to leave the little cabin on the ocean and head home to reality and remodeling and chores and kids in camps.  But before we left I took one more mist soaked walk along the beach, and I sewed together the last toe on the socks I have been knitting.

And then I handed them to my cousin, who they fit much better than me.


I think the color works for the beach.  Blue and gray and black, like the windy, rainy day we had on Thursday. Obviously not when this picture was taken.  We were incredibly lucky weather-wise for a week on the central Oregon coast.  But there was that day, when the sky and the sea and the sand all went dark.


I thought there would be much more fiber related activity on this trip.  I dragged my spinning wheel and three different fibers along, and two other knitting projects, sure that I would need choices.  But the socks were all that happened.  Beach walks and tidal pools and whale watches and ice cream trips all called more strongly.  As they should on a family trip!


So, just these socks.  Kiertoradalla socks, size medium, in Cascade Heritage Paints yarn.  The only mod I made was the heel, which I did as always in eye of partridge stitch.  They fit my cousin’s size 7 feet perfectly.  My wide 8 1/2s would need a size large in this pattern.


I think they blend with the colors of the rocky coastline as well.





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Hello from Washington. I am a knitter, spinner, and quilter who is constantly looking for the next fiber hobby to add.

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