Spinning our wheels


More snow yesterday paralyzed the city – it only takes an inch or two to do that around here as we aren’t used to it and are never prepared.  We knew it was coming thanks to the weather reports, so I ducked out from school a little early.  It took “only” two hours to get home because I abandoned the freeway early on to take side roads.  It was a white knuckle drive – at one point I slid right through an intersection when I tried to stop at a red light.

Some people spent the night in their cars, and there were students from the Portland and Beaverton school districts who didn’t get home until midnight.  My kids got home pretty much on time, but my husband’s commute lasted three hours.


They’ve already called off tomorrow in both our districts as the slush is refreezing into ice.  So the boys and I are officially on winter vacation!

While the boys went sledding and threw snow about, I spun yarn.

I had two different fibers in complementary colorways, one a merino/soy silk and the other a polwarth.


I loved them as singles., but when I plied them together I was just, meh.  So I stopped and switched to chain plying each one on its own.

The result is three smallish skeins of finished yarn.



From left to right, the chained merino/soy silk, chained polwarth, and the two ply.

They’ve since been soaked and thwacked and are now hanging to dry.

They’ll join my other spinning finish this week.  Years after I kettle dyed the red alpaca/wool fiber, it is all finally yarn as of a couple days ago.

I used the Andean plying method when I was down to the last bit on the last bobbin so I didn’t waste even an inch of the singles.

The finished yarn is a deep heathery red with touches of gray showing through.


Time to dive back into the stash for the next spin.

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Hello from Washington. I am a knitter, spinner, and quilter who is constantly looking for the next fiber hobby to add.

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