New wheel!

For a long while now I’ve been covering a Matchless spinning wheel from the Schacht company.  I’ve spun on a lot of wheels, trying them out, and I really liked the smoothness of the Matchless, as well as its modern look.


The above pic is from the Schracht company website.

The thing is, I couldn’t really justify the expense.  My Kromski Sonata wheel is a perfectly good wheel, and has always spun anything I’ve asked of it, plus it folds into a backpack, making it portable in a slightly awkward and heavy way.

But I kept looking at it, and asking questions, and kept my eye out on the Ravelry forums, and a couple weeks ago a used one came up for sale and I succumbed.


A week of obsessive UPS tracking and I came home from running errands to find it on the front porch!

The seller had taken off the treadles to fit it in its original box, so my son helped me with the few assembly steps needed.  There were a few false starts where we had to take off screws we’d just put in place until we got it right, and one truly brainless moment where we tried and tried to figure out where the extra black piece went until we realized it was the bottom of the screwdriver (yeah, I may not have a lot of mechanical aptitude).

The lazy kate went together much quicker.


But soon enough it was ready to spin!

Low light shots of both sides.  It is maple with a few walnut touches.

And the first single on its bobbin:


This is my first double drive experience, and there will be a bit of a learning curve as I figure out how to make adjustments in tension.  It was a big leap forward when I figured out I had the bobbin on backwards which was preventing any take up of the spun fiber onto the bobbin (sheepish head shake).

But I’m very happy with its performance, if not necessarily mine.  It treadles smoothly and quietly, and came with four whorls for as wide a range of ratios as I will ever need.  There was also one high speed bobbin in the box for spinning really fine lace weight, and I have the option to buy a bulky flier for extra thick yarn if I want to make that someday.  It also converts to scotch tension for stronger take up for long draw spinning.

I’m going to hang on to the Sonata for a while for travel, but my long term plan is to replace it with a smaller Ashford Joy which also folds up, and then I should be set for a lifetime of happy spinning.


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Hello from Washington. I am a knitter, spinner, and quilter who is constantly looking for the next fiber hobby to add.

One thought on “New wheel!”

  1. How exciting! 😀 I’ve been dreaming of an longarm quilting machine.. but that will be in the future for awhile yet, because of price and no room for one.


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