Sledding the slopes


We are lucky enough to live close enough to Mt. Hood for day trips to play in the snow.  Yesterday we headed up to the White River Sno-park for some sledding.

There were a LOT of people with the same idea, but plenty of hills so everyone had room.

My husband and older son were the intrepid speed demons.  My younger son and I have the heart, but lack a lot of the coordination.

We didn’t always manage to keep sledder and sled together.

And some of the hills were a little intimidating. My younger son and I were exceedingly doubtful once we got up to the top of this one and realized we now had to go back down:dscn1813

And it turned out we were right to doubt our skills!


I preferred more sedate sledding when I could get away with it:


It was a pretty fabulous day.



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Hello from Washington. I am a knitter, spinner, and quilter who is constantly looking for the next fiber hobby to add.

4 thoughts on “Sledding the slopes”

  1. I am sooo jealous!!! To have big hills to sled on. We are mountain poor here in Southern Indiana. And now that I have a replaced hip, no more skiing for me, not that I have been since the late 1990’s, but sledding is doable. I need big hills in my life!


    1. Despite our proximity, we don’t take advantage enough of the mountains. It is our winter goal to get up there more. It was so much fun, except when the sled and I parted ways abruptly on a couple of runs. During one crash I lost my scarf, phone, glasses and even my hair barrett!


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