A small finish


Despite the surprise extra days of leisure due to weather, there hasn’t been a lot of sewing lately – I’ve been on a knitting and spinning kick – but I do have one small sewing project I can check off the WIP list.


These four placemats have joined their kin in a kitchen drawer, replacing some woven ones that were irretrievably stained.  A fun, quick project that used up a bunch of scrap strips and batting pieces.  I stitched each strip to the batting as I went along, so minimal topstitching was needed to keep the backing in place.  Of course, the tops lingered on the work table for a month before I actually got those backs sewn on . . .

Meanwhile, I’m still dunking fiber into dye pots.


And I’m completely obsessed with how the colors of handspun are coming together in my cardigan knitting project.


And then there is watching the snow fall – 8″ since it started last night.  A tremendous amount for where we live in Oregon!


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Hello from Washington. I am a knitter, spinner, and quilter who is constantly looking for the next fiber hobby to add.

10 thoughts on “A small finish”

    1. There has been a bit of complaining. 🙂 Especially when I realized that Monday is a holiday and Tuesday there is a teacher work day, so the kids won’t have school again until next Wednesday! But it is definitely beautiful, and we go years in between big snow storms, so we are enjoying that part of it.


  1. Love your placemats and that fibre that’s dyed has amazing tones. Love your knitting too. Love the snow – in fact – is that the beginning of an igloo that’s being built – love igloos!!!!!! Have a great weekend.


    1. He had hoped to make it an igloo, but physics got in the way and it stayed as just walls. He’s still working on it each day – we’ll be fortified against any sudden snowball attacks.

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  2. Love the sweater colors!!! But the placemats? You just gave me an idea!!! I have 8 limey placemats. I just bought turq blue dishes, with taupe and white highlights and a hint of lime. I can add fabric to the placemats to coordinate them to my dishes!!!! Light bulb moment. Thanks!


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