DPN holders

I like to knit two socks at a time, to avoid second sock syndrome, the condition of getting one sock done and then wandering off and never finishing the second.  (There is a related syndrome for mittens and gloves.  I have a wonderful stranded mitten that has been without a partner for years.)

I use two sets of double pointed needles and knit each section on both before moving on to the next – first the both cuffs, then the legs, then heel flaps, etc.  This means that one unfinished sock is always stuffed in the sack on its five needles while I work on the other.  Needles get dislodged, or caught, and I found myself frequently having to thread them back into loops, trying to pick stitches back up before they run down the rows.

I bought some cardboard tubes that worked quite well for a while.  but they are starting to bend on the corners by the cutouts and catch on the yarn as I slide them.  Plus, they are fairly utilitarian – not much charm.


Then I found a pattern by the Nome Knitter for cloth dpn holders.  I think I saw it on Pinterest first and then followed the link to the blog.  Plenty of room for charm because I could pick my own fabrics!


I made two sets.  They are super simple.  Small amounts of fabric, some interfacing, some snaps.  A very quick project.


My only real issue came when I discovered that the snap package came with only 7 snaps.  Why an odd number?!  I needed 8, and of course didn’t check the package carefully so I could only complete one of the sets.  I’ve already ordered some colorful plastic snaps online, so I will be making these again.  And lots of other things that need snaps – the bundle came with 100 of them.  I won’t go short again!


I’m using the first set already, and it is working well.  No pulled out needles, and the holders stayed closed while tumbling in a bag in the bottom of my work tote.  I can see making them in lot of colors so I can match them to whatever yarn I’m using.


(P.S. These are Village Socks, a free pattern by All Knit Up.  A simple, stretchy stitch pattern that is easily memorized.  The yarn is some Knit Picks Stroll bare sock yarn that I dyed in jars. A little splitty but springy yarn.)


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Hello from Washington. I am a knitter, spinner, and quilter who is constantly looking for the next fiber hobby to add.

3 thoughts on “DPN holders”

  1. They are cute! I too wonder why they put odd numbers in snap sets, I know on button card sets they will have at times 3 or 5,at least you can see it quickly enough.


    1. In all fairness, it does say 7 on the package but I was so focused on the type of snap to buy I didn’t see it until I got home. I’ve ordered a multi-color pack so will never run out again.

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