Fuzzy feet


Now that the presents are all unwrapped I can post the slippers I made my mom.

These are an amazingly fast knit, from a free pattern called Fuzzy Feet.  I have made endless pairs of these for family and friends over the years.  Any thick, feltable yarn works.  For some of them I hold worsted double and they are still successful.

These knit up in a day, big loose stitches on size 10 1/2 needles.  For these I used the yarn called for in the pattern, Lamb’s Pride worsted, a wool and mohair single ply yarn in Christmas green.

I knit two giant footie socks – I ran out of yarn at the very end and had to improvise, which makes them even more Christmassy!


Then they just get thrown in with loads of laundry for the next few days.  We do laundry endlessly around here – very active boys – so that goes quickly as well.  They felt and shrink and eventually become human feet sized.


This is after the second of three washes.  I shrunk them to just a bit smaller than my mom’s feet – as she wears them around, they will stretch a little and shape to her feet.

These are replacements for the same type of slippers I made her a few years ago.  They wore long and well, but we were to the darning stage and that can only stretch their lives out so long – it was time for a replacement pair.

Merry Christmas, Mom!

This was really my only holiday gift knitting, which is unusual for me, but we just got so very busy.  They probably all have enough scarves and mittens and cowls from me at this point anyway.  They need time to wear them out before I hand over more.

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Hello from Washington. I am a knitter, spinner, and quilter who is constantly looking for the next fiber hobby to add.

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