Spinning my wheels

I seem to have some sort of mental block about blogging lately. I think about it, even plan posts. But then I don’t actually log in and post. Then I feel guilty, then I realize that’s silly because it isn’t a job, and then I remember that it is how I keep track of my projects and I feel guilty again.

My brain is so odd.

But the Winter Olympics are on! I always pick a craft project, usually knitting to work on while I settle in for two weeks of sports that I know nothing about. (Being honest, that is pretty much all sports no matter what season. I’m a crafter, not an athlete.) But I love the pageantry and the speed and how much they all care about going faster, higher, farther and I get very sucked in.

So I needed something to watch during the very exciting snowboard cross races and the less speedy but somehow really gripping curling matches. And the s**t show that was women’s figure skating. (Pardon my language, but !?!?)

I tried a lace project with a variety of reds in a marling attempt at a scarf, but it crashed like an upside down bobsledder. (Sorry, attempted a joke because I’m watching bobsledding as I type and some of them were upside down at the end. I won’t do it again.)

I just ran a couple spinning workshops at school during our intersession, and the spinning wheel was dusted off for that, so I decided to clear some bobbins that have been sitting in a drawer for forever.

First some black fiber labeled “half-bred with silk noils” (did they mean a mixed breed sheep?). I had about a third of it already spun, so I did the last five ounces and made some tweedy 2 ply. That helped me remember how to spin consistently, although the noils threw me off somewhat.

Then I had two bobbins already spun up that needed a third to tie them together, so I spun a single of a humbug BFL that I’d dyed in autumnal colors.

I loved the three singles. I’m less sure about the 3 ply that I ended up with. The colors muddied up somewhat when plied together. But I think I’ll like it again when it is knitted up as it will become a fabric with flecks and stripes of all the possible color combinations.

It ended up making two full bobbins and one that has the end of the three ply, a length of two ply, and – when the second bobbin also ran out – some chained plied purple/blue.

Today I’ll skein up the yarns, give them a soak to reactivate and redistribute the twist and then I can look around for knitting patterns that will suit them.

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Hello from Washington. I am a knitter, spinner, and quilter who is constantly looking for the next fiber hobby to add.

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