Socks on the needles

We made a road trip up to Seattle recently so I started a pair of socks for car and visiting knitting. Nothing that requires too much attention or pattern paperwork for the car and it needs to be easily interruptible when knitting on someone else’s couch.

I’m knitting with a Regia self-striping yarn, so about as easy as a sock can get. 3-1 ribbing and a partridge eye heel.

I’ve gotten one finished and am heading towards the heel on the second, but then we came home and I haven’t picked them up again. They’ve joined the WIP pile that I really need to give more attention to.

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Hello from Washington. I am a knitter, spinner, and quilter who is constantly looking for the next fiber hobby to add.

2 thoughts on “Socks on the needles”

  1. The partridge eye heel is just soooo pretty isn’t it. I too like to do a sock for travel knitting but for me it’s 9″ circular. DPNs are just to fiddly for me. I suspect I’d like flexi flips though.


    1. Yeah, partridge eye is my favorite heel. I think it wears better too.

      I’ve never tried the flexi flips. I have trouble with the 9 inch needles because my hands don’t like the angle. 16 inches is about the smallest I can go.

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