Rainy Sundays are the best

I love everything about fall Sundays – the sound of the rain, the gray light, sipping tea, curling up on the couch reading.

I interspersed a few accomplishments among the cups of tea and books.

My kitchen shelves are stained and up on the wall.


I made the first fall crockpot stew.


And I helped my niece start her second ever quilt – the help consisting of supplying all the fabric, cutting tools, and sewing machine.  She wanted scrappy, bright, and triangles, and she got all three.


I’m not in love with all her color combination choices, but she is, and that’s the important thing.


She dedicated the whole day to the project, cutting all the triangles and starting in on sewing the rows together.  I already see a big improvement in her sewing accuracy over the first quilt she made.



For an embarrassing long time (cough, two years) there has been a striped beach towel serving as a protective cloth on top of the dresser we use for both a TV stand and linens-and-cub-scout-gear storage.


That I stopped noticing it due to excessive familiarity is the only excuse I can come up with for letting it go so long.  (I’ll use the same excuse for the dust on the TV.)

But this past weekend I finally noticed enough to realize Something Must Be Done.  Some stash browsing came next.


The palest yellow was eventually removed as it was too close to the background color, and another yellow with gray was added later.

I attempted inserting strips at crisscrossing angles with varying degrees of success in matching the ends of previously inserted strips.  Matching worked well when a new strip crossed only one other, but I need to work on when two strips slanting in opposite directions are slashed and rejoined.  That didn’t work out as smoothly, but it wasn’t off by enough to really bug me.

I added the quilting without the backing because I didn’t want binding on the edges.  It went smoothly except when I sewed in a scrap of fabric that had gotten stuck on the back because I don’t keep a very tidy sewing table.

The backing is very plain because I didn’t have any other long yardage and didn’t want to piece anymore together.  No one is going to see the back anyway, though I did debate making it reversible for a brief moment.  Then I decided finished was better than reversible and sewed quickly on.

Then cutting angled corners, a quick flip right side out, some top stitching around the edges and the striped towel is gone from the living room.

A couple of additional notes:

  1. On the wall behind the TV is a appliquéd quilt I bought in Egypt.  I wish I’d gotten 20 of them, they were each so wonderful.
  2. Only now that the runner is done do I notice that the colors I chose are entirely 1970s appliance colors.  It is my childhood kitchen reincarnated!




Living room improvements

A long desired goal was met today with the addition of two solatube skylights to my living room and the connected hall. These have always been the darkest parts of our main floor, and adding the solatubes has been on my wish list since we moved in two years ago. And today they were installed!

There are actual shadows in my living room!
There are actual shadows in my living room!
The hall light, in progress - this one has a build in light fixture.
The hall light, in progress – this one has a built-in light fixture.

It makes such a difference – I don’t feel like I need the lamps on in the middle of the day.

One more improvement was made to the room.  I used some scrap fabric from my prints and neutrals bins and made a pillow for the couch.  For the prints I mostly used little bits from the flying geese quilt so they’d coordinate.  The neutrals tie it into the other couch quilt, so it works with both of them.

It is now on the couch, with a guardian cat to make sure no children spill food on it.


A new duvet cover

My room decor is mainly black and white.  Last year I got a duvet cover but I’ve never been that fond of it.  It was a budget choice rather than what I really wanted.  This is the cover we’ve been using.  Nothing wrong with it, but I don’t love it, and it is a little more floral than my husband would prefer.

Duvet cover

Now that I am gainfully employed, I decided to sew one that I would like better.  I waited until one of the fairly regular Fabric Depot sales happened and got this stack of black and white fabrics:

Black and white fabric for duvet

I ended up deleting the mini polka dots from the project, but all the others made it in.

This was my original design plan (I lost the pencil half way thru somewhere in the piles of fabric in the craft room.  I have entirely too many projects going on right now!) –

Duvet design plan

Not the most formal of designs, but the general idea was one long strip of the main fabric – the circles -with different width blocks of the other fabrics on either side.

Duvet cover in progress

But when I got the three main center strips sewed together, I didn’t like it. The center one fabric strip just looked weird and the whole thing didn’t balance.  I neglected to take a picture of it, so you’ll have to take my word for it.

I went back to the cutting table and slashed and sliced and added new columns and halved others.  I like the results much better than the original plan.  I’d started out with French seams to prevent it from getting ragged in the wash – it made for a lot of extra sewing once I added in all the extra pieces!

Duvet cover in progressAs I sewed I laid the strips out on my bed to make sure that none of the prints touched the same fabric in the next colum.

In this pic you can see the five fabrics I used.  Two are batiks and three are regular prints.

Duvet cover fabrics

The backing fabric is still in the mail – I ordered a gray and white wide backing fabric – so it won’t get finished today, but it is already an improvement on the former cover.

Different kinds of crafting

Sliding glass doorMy siblings and I all are handicrafters in very different ways.  I’m the fiber girl, making my crafts with yarn and fabric.  My sister is more paper and paints.

And then there is my brother.  He is the builder.  When he isn’t busy with his regular job (he’s the only non-teacher in the family as a captain in the Navy) he likes to do construction.  In his “spare” time he rips the roofs off houses and adds another level, puts in bathrooms where there were none, and adds new wings to the sides of houses.  While my idea of a weekend plan is to finish quilting a couch throw, his is to build a retaining wall and a fully insulated shed.

My sister and I frequently lament together about how wonderful our houses would be if he didn’t insist on living clear on the other side of the continent.  Two of my most frequently stated desires have been to put a sliding glass door to my back deck, and a side gate in the fence so we could put the utility trailer beside the house instead of the garage.


For a wonderful birthday surprise, my mom and my sister arranged to fly my brother in for a long weekend!  I got home from work on Thursday and there he was!  It was the first time I’ve seen him in two years.  Lots of hugging.

And then came the rest of the treat.  We raced off to Home Depot that evening and got the door they had already arranged and the dismantling and installing began right away until it was too dark to continue.


My sister took the next day off and, one table saw purchase later, the two of them got all the trimming and caulking finished.  I just have a little painting left but we have a fully functioning slider now, letting in so much light.  And even better, the French doors are no longer there to bang into the dining table and chairs every time my children run in and out (conservatively, a thousand times a day).  And a screen door!  Breezes without bugs!

image There was also eating birthday cake.  That kept me and the boys busy while the others sawed and hammered.

Boys and birthday cake

And they kept going.  With the kids and my husband helping they took off the narrow section of fencing at the side of our house, my brother whipped up a gate, and we can now squeeze our useful but annoyingly long utility trailer alongside the house rather than taking up every inch of space in our single car garage.

Gate building image image

Much garage organizing is in my future, and I’m so happy about that!

My sister, brother and Mom are fabulous, and it was a terrific birthday surprise.

Take the power tools away from me

When we moved into our current house almost two years ago, we needed additional storage, and a TV stand, so I bought an unfinished dresser.  Also, a coffee table and book cases, but those I finished long ago.  The dresser remains unstained, mostly because I can always come up with something else to do on nice days.

It also hasn’t had drawer knobs, because I didn’t like the originals and got rid of them and then never found what I wanted to replace them with.  And then a recent trip to IKEA resulted in just the right long bar pulls.

Dresser with new pulls

For some reason, probably having to do with Sweden and the metric system, the pulls were just slightly too short, by less than a quarter inch, to fit the pre-drilled holes.  No problem.  I could drill new holes.

Drilling new holes in the dresser

But it then it turned out that the screws were also too short, probably because these pulls were intended for thinner cupboard doors, and the longest screws of that size at the hardware store were still a little short.  And they didn’t have enough of them, probably to do with the metric system again according to the clerk, so we’d have to special order some.

The screws, both original and longer-but-still-too-short versions.
The screws, both original and longer-but-still-too-short versions.

Having waited a year and a half to get handles, suddenly waiting any longer was unbearable.  It dawned on me that I could use a very large drill bit to sink the screws in deeper, making them long enough.  What didn’t dawn on me is that I have few skills with drills, and my ability to judge the depth of a drilled hole while drilling upside down in a drawer at an awkward angle is pretty non-existent.

I ended up with too shallow holes, too deep holes, too wide holes, and weirdly warped holes. I had to find ways to make suddenly too long screws shorter so the handles would fasten tightly, which involved rubber bands and bits of buttons and the occasional nut when I could find one the right size. I had to keep changing between small and giant drill bits, got saw dust everywhere, and kept losing  screwdrivers until I had four of them underfoot. The insides of the dresser drawers are not pretty.

This was my most creative endeavor to make a screw fit after I accidently drilled all the way through the drawer with the giant drill bit.  All I had that would hold it was a pried off part of a button.
This was my most creative endeavor to make a screw fit after I accidently drilled all the way through the drawer with the giant drill bit. All I had that would hold it was a pried off part of a button.

But we have handles now!  And someday I will actually get the dresser stained.  And make a runner, because that beach towel is sort of embarrassing if I want to call myself a quilter.  And no one looks at the inside of drawers anyway, right?

Dresser drawer pulls

Meanwhile, since this is a fiber crafting blog, to keep me company my sister was embroidering trees and zombies.


Embroidered zombies