It is very cold in my library this week.  Trying to type with mittens on cold.  It helped inspire this new bulletin board my aide and I put together.

(also inspired/copied from Pinterest saved pins, but really motivated by the chill)


Stars and mittens

I’ve made a little more progress on the nine patch wonky stars, sewing more stars and cutting more squares.


I really need to clean the threads off my design wall!

I also got up the first holiday decoration.  We celebrate both Hannukah and Christmas, and today I put up the mitten advent calendar (is it still a calendar if it doesn’t have numbers?). About three years ago, I knit 24 little mittens out of handspun and strung them on a braided cord.  Each year I fill them with little candies and my sons pick a different mitten each day to open until Christmas Eve.

Oh, and one other decoration today – we’ve started to put up icicles and snowflakes in the school library for the winter decorations, and included this book tree/mountain that my office mate created.  We’re going to cut out little skiers and snowboarders to put on it.


A big change!

Papers to grade

Not a lot of crafting in the last week or so – last Sunday I got a call and I started my new job on Monday!  I’m a long term sub for a teacher on maternity leave.  She went into labor a couple weeks early, so off I went with my tote back full of paperwork and my brand new tea thermos.

It was an exhausting but wonderful week.  It has been almost two years since I was last employed and I’ve really missed it.  This is my first time teaching in a high school, but the middle school skills transfer.  The students are being really helpful and patient as I figure out the tech and the grading and how to get from spot A to B.  I can now find the print room and the bathroom and I only forgot to bring lunch once.

And then, after a week, just when I feel like I haven’t taken a deep breathe since last Sunday, Friday was here and spring break began!  So now I have a week to grade all the assignments I’ve collected, buy more work suitable clothes, and dig out the disaster that has become my house.

And sew!  I have so missed sewing this week!