Look! A squirrel!

I have two finished tops to quilt, at least three tops in progress, a half knit blanket, a half knit scarf, a purse back pack to sew for my mom, and four or so wall hangings that need various amounts of work done to finish them.

So I started a new project.

Sunny circles in progress

I did at least finish sewing together the half square triangle quilt top before I started picking out sunny colors of embroidery floss and buttons.

HST quilt top

A little progress

HST blocks

I would really like to get my design wall back, but I just haven’t been inspired to keep sewing these half square triangle blocks together.  They’ve been hanging out on the wall for quite some time.  But today I did get them all sewn into foursomes, and then some of those sewn together as well.  One good push would finish off the top, but I’m wandering off again instead.

Collage quilting

I saw this quilt on Pinterest and traced it back to the maker’s website.  I love the scraps amongst all the neutrals – one of my favorite quilting combinations.  And I have a lot of little scraps in squares and rectangles that are only 1 – 3 inches wide.  I had planned to make a ticker tape quilt with them, but this  is even better!

Collage quilt scraps

So I dumped out the pile and started randomly piecing them together.

And now I have this:

Approximately 20" x 20"
Approximately 20″ x 20″

I’m not sure where it will go from here, but it was fun to sew, and I have a lot more scraps.

Clue 3 – Scrap-in-a-Box

Clue 3 of Scrapitude’s Scrap-in-a-Box mystery quilt came out last week and I’ve been working on it on and off the last couple days.  It still completely escapes me what this quilt’s layout will be but it is going to be colorful!

Chain piecing little triangles together
Chain piecing little triangles together
And more chain piecing
And more chain piecing
Back and forth to the ironing board
Back and forth to the ironing board
Triangles sewed to triangles and sewed to more triangles
Triangles sewed to triangles and sewed to more triangles
And then sewing strips and squares for a bit of a change
And then sewing strips and squares for a bit of a change
And clue 3 is done!
And clue 3 is done!

The next clue will be out in mid April, so this project goes back in its box for awhile.

An upcycled pillow

My niece’s initials are HK, and my sister, an ardent thrift store addict, found a t-shirt with those initials and asked me to make a pillow out of it for my niece’s birthday.  It has been sitting around waiting for my fickle attention, and today I finally looked at the calendar and counted the days until the birthday and realized I’d better get cracking.

HK pillow - front

No progress pics because it went so quickly I didn’t pause to think to take them.  To stabilize the knit fabric I fused to a square from a sheet that was another thrift store purchase once upon a time.  The picture isn’t quite centered due to needing to cut away the neck ribbing.

For the back I made two hemmed red pieces to overlap to make the pillow removeable for washing.  A quick seam around the edges, clipped corners, flipped right side out and stuffed, and a pillow is born.

HK pillow - back

Manta ray

The third block in the Oceans QAL from Quilt Arts Design is a manta ray gliding along the ocean floor.

Oceans QAL - numbered fabric

I started yesterday and finished up today.  It went together with only my usual paper piecing issues – putting fabric on upside down is the most common mistake that requires the seam ripper.  I had to hunt for the K piece for a while as well – it turned up under the dining room table.

Oceans QAL - clue 3 in progress

Oceans QAL - clue 3 - trimming

Oceans QAL - clue 3 - assemby

The only dissatisfaction I have with my final results is the dark blue section.  It makes too large a jump  between the blues – the change is too drastic.  A lighter blue would have been less jarring.  I was limited by my stash, but next time I’d hop to the store to get more choices.  I do like the lighter patterned batiks I used in the top blues, which I was unsure about at the time.  I don’t know how the dark blue escaped me.

The finished 14″ block:

Oceans QAL - Manta ray - finished block

Scrapitude – clue 2

Today I finally got to clue 2 of the Scrapitude mystery quilt.  This is actually February’s clue, and March’s comes out tomorrow, so I caught up just in time.

Step 1 was halving background squares into triangles and attaching two of them to each of the small squares from clue 1.

Scrapitude - clue 2 - step 1


Then ironing and clipping dog ears and adding larger triangles to make squares.

Scrapitude - clue 2 - step 2

Scrapitude - clue 2 - step 2 assembly

My guess for the layout of these blocks was squares within squares, but that leaves me with two extra blocks, so I haven’t guessed correctly.  I’ll find out tomorrow!

Scrapitude - clue 2 completed