An actual finished quilt!

i haven’t accomplished a lot this week, but I did buckle down a bit yesterday (or rather put down the ebooks and took up the fabric) and finish up a quilt.

HST  pin basting

It is the pin basting that prevents me from getting more tops past the top stage to the quilting stage. Crawling around on the basement floor is hard on the knees.  But when I’m actually doing it, I always wonder why I put it off.  It isn’t as much of a chore as I build it up to be.

I wanted polka dots for the back to contrast with all the angles and straight lines on the front, but I didn’t find what I wanted in the colors I was looking for.  But I like the teal circles on white that I did find almost as much as my original vision.

HST quilt pin basted

I quilted it quickly and simply once the pinning was done, with parallel lines echoing the path of the arrows.  Light gray thread on the front and white in the bobbin.  There is a small amount of wobble in my straight lines – I’m never going to be the world’s most accurate sewer – but I like the emphasis it gives the angles.

A little squareing and trimming:


and the spiffy wonder clips to help with the hand stitching of the deep red binding:

HST quilt binding

And now it just needs its first wash to add the crinkles and I can list it in the store!

HST quilt finished

Saving the table from the children

My kids are young and not the tidiest eaters.  A lot of table clothes and placemats have been left stained and coated in their wake.  So today I replenished the supply a bit with a visit to the scrap bin.

Scrap bin

Lots of cutting (and unfortunately, recutting when I got my measurements wrong for the backing).

Placemat cutting and trimming

I used a quilt-as-you-go technique as I didn’t want binding on these.  Loops in the dark blue areas and wavy gray lines in the scrappy columns. Then I sewed the backs to the fronts, right sides together, flipped them inside out, and stitched around the edges.

Quilting placematsAnd we have four new placemats to save the table and tablecloths from the depredations of my splashy eaters.

Finished placemats

A big change!

Papers to grade

Not a lot of crafting in the last week or so – last Sunday I got a call and I started my new job on Monday!  I’m a long term sub for a teacher on maternity leave.  She went into labor a couple weeks early, so off I went with my tote back full of paperwork and my brand new tea thermos.

It was an exhausting but wonderful week.  It has been almost two years since I was last employed and I’ve really missed it.  This is my first time teaching in a high school, but the middle school skills transfer.  The students are being really helpful and patient as I figure out the tech and the grading and how to get from spot A to B.  I can now find the print room and the bathroom and I only forgot to bring lunch once.

And then, after a week, just when I feel like I haven’t taken a deep breathe since last Sunday, Friday was here and spring break began!  So now I have a week to grade all the assignments I’ve collected, buy more work suitable clothes, and dig out the disaster that has become my house.

And sew!  I have so missed sewing this week!

Sunny circles

It is turning into a gorgeous spring around here, which led to pulling out some warm colors of cotton floss:

Sunny circles - floss

Some bright buttons:

Sunny circles - buttons

And some yellow fabric:

Sunny circles fabric

I got out the stitch dictionary and started circling:

Sunny circles in progress

And kept it up for a couple evenings:


And a mini-mini-wall hanging is ready to brighten up a corner of our house somewhere.

Sunny circles finished

(So very far from an original idea.  Inspired by a Pinterest picture I came across, right down to the three columns of fabric.  I’m going with the “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” excuse.)

Look! A squirrel!

I have two finished tops to quilt, at least three tops in progress, a half knit blanket, a half knit scarf, a purse back pack to sew for my mom, and four or so wall hangings that need various amounts of work done to finish them.

So I started a new project.

Sunny circles in progress

I did at least finish sewing together the half square triangle quilt top before I started picking out sunny colors of embroidery floss and buttons.

HST quilt top

A little progress

HST blocks

I would really like to get my design wall back, but I just haven’t been inspired to keep sewing these half square triangle blocks together.  They’ve been hanging out on the wall for quite some time.  But today I did get them all sewn into foursomes, and then some of those sewn together as well.  One good push would finish off the top, but I’m wandering off again instead.

Collage quilting

I saw this quilt on Pinterest and traced it back to the maker’s website.  I love the scraps amongst all the neutrals – one of my favorite quilting combinations.  And I have a lot of little scraps in squares and rectangles that are only 1 – 3 inches wide.  I had planned to make a ticker tape quilt with them, but this  is even better!

Collage quilt scraps

So I dumped out the pile and started randomly piecing them together.

And now I have this:

Approximately 20" x 20"
Approximately 20″ x 20″

I’m not sure where it will go from here, but it was fun to sew, and I have a lot more scraps.