Sunny circles

It is turning into a gorgeous spring around here, which led to pulling out some warm colors of cotton floss:

Sunny circles - floss

Some bright buttons:

Sunny circles - buttons

And some yellow fabric:

Sunny circles fabric

I got out the stitch dictionary and started circling:

Sunny circles in progress

And kept it up for a couple evenings:


And a mini-mini-wall hanging is ready to brighten up a corner of our house somewhere.

Sunny circles finished

(So very far from an original idea.  Inspired by a Pinterest picture I came across, right down to the three columns of fabric.  I’m going with the “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” excuse.)

Look! A squirrel!

I have two finished tops to quilt, at least three tops in progress, a half knit blanket, a half knit scarf, a purse back pack to sew for my mom, and four or so wall hangings that need various amounts of work done to finish them.

So I started a new project.

Sunny circles in progress

I did at least finish sewing together the half square triangle quilt top before I started picking out sunny colors of embroidery floss and buttons.

HST quilt top