Wheels and yarn

The big project for our trip to Arizona was to find my mom a car.  We spent the first day – all day – working on it.

She wasn’t very sure about which car she wanted.  When I asked her what her priorities were, she said it had to have Bluetooth and a rear view camera.  That didn’t really narrow the make and model choices much.

But we did find one she liked, so my Mom is now the owner of a new-to-her car.

We’ve mostly been puttering about since then, which leaves plenty of time for sock knitting.  And cacti viewing.  And putting knitting on cacti.

Today my knitting progress was hampered by the fact that I knit sock one months and months ago and didn’t write down all the changes I made to the pattern in the heel.  So I knit the heel flap twice today.  But still, the sock is definitely growing.