An unusually full day

A lot of very varied activities packed into today.

The adults in the house were woken up this morning with the resumption of last night’s ferocious nerf gun war in the basement.  My ten year old had a sleep over last night and we are all exhausted as a resuIt. (I’m strictly forbidden to call in a slumber party.  Apparently that is a horror reserved for girls. Nothing like a macho sleep over.)

The warriors temporarily calmed by waffles:


From the ruins of my war torn home, I moved on to my monthly mystery book club.  We were in absolutely unanimous agreement that this month’s book was a combination of boring, sexist, annoying and pretentious and generally one of the worst books we’ve read.  We were astounded that it got good recommendations online, much less published.  But despite the pain of reading it to its very unsatisfying ending, we had a great time trashing it over a tasty lunch.  This month we were at my friend Leslie’s, who is also one of my fiber friends.  Take a look at this corner of her entryway:


This is just the blue and purple part of her stash!

Next stop after the book club lunch was . . . another lunch.  February 20 is the anniversary of our oldest son’s adoption.  We always go out for Chinese food and retell the stories of meeting him for the first time and all our adventures in Taiwan.  While we eat, he and his brother love to hear about meals in Taiwan – his obsession with jam packets, how messy it was to feed him with chopsticks when we were out touring, that there were green peas on the pizza and snakes being barbecued at the night markets.

Back at the house, the kids finally tired enough to be happy with quiet activities, I settled down at the sewing machine and finally finished my scrappy star quilt top.  Lots of partial seams required to Tetris the odd shaped blocks together.  With a lot more planning, or more regularly spaced stars, it would have gone together faster, but I rather enjoy the puzzle-like aspect of the sewing.


It all came together and now joins the growing stack of tops that await the time when I finally get the craft room organized enough that the sewing table is cleared for quilting.  It may be awhile.