Colorful coins

Coin quilt close up - wonky squares

I am so pleased with how this commissioned quilt turned out!  Front, back, and squared off free motion quilting – I love every part of the final results.  The teal and black contrast is great, and I continued the teal in the binding so it plays off the black there as well.  This quilt is headed into a dorm – it is going to be a very cheerful bed topper.

Coins quilt - finished

Coin quilt - back


Scrappy coin quilt

Spent some lime time this morning crawling on the floor to pin baste this quilt top.  My least favorite part of the quilt making process, mostly because it hurts my knees.  I also don’t have a great spot for it.  The upstairs floors are all hardwood and I don’t want to scratch them up.  Downstairs is mostly carpeted except for the area between the stairs and the laundry room.  So that is my default spot, but it limits the size of quilt I can make to twin.  I need to figure something out for the long term, but for now this is working OK.

And now it is done and I get to do the quilting part which is much more fun.

Scrappy coins

I got a commission through my Etsy store this week and have gotten started piecing the top.  It is a coin quilt, a great way to use a lot of colorful fabrics.  I pulled from my scrap bin as well as the more organized fat quarters and large scraps to make the stacks of strips.

My customer had seen this quilt in the shop and wants one like it but with black sashing.

Coin quilt - white sashing

So I have been cutting varying widths of strips and sewing them into stacks for the past couple days.  If I was using width of fabric strips, or even whole fat quarters I could do this more quickly because I could cut more than one stack from the sewn together strips.  But then I wouldn’t have either the variety of fabrics or the mix – the column stacks would all be in the same order.  So I went with the slower but more mixed multitude method.

Cutting strips

After sewing them together, I press and then trim them to the right width.  Long tails that get cut off are added back into the pile for the next column.Coin quilt - sewn stripsI have four of the columns done and will sew the fifth tonight and it will be ready for the sashing.  The back and the quilting will have to wait a couple weeks because we leave for our family vacation in Israel on Thursday!

Coin quilt - completed stacks

Scrappy coins

It turns out that sticking my poor 77 year old mother into my husband’s shoes and dragging her out into the rain and wind and making her perch on a chair to hold up a quilt is fraught with peril.

And blurry photos.

I guess this is a Chinese Coins quilt, though I don’t know if it affects the definition that I made the columns different widths. For me, it was a way to make another scrappy quilt, this time using up a lot of leftover strips. There is fabric in here from pretty much every quilt I’ve ever made, even my sister’s zombie quit. (I need to remember to blog that one!)

I especially like the backing fabric, which is a Kaufman fabric called Quill by Valori Wells. It is a riot of peacocks and flowers and vines. It wasn’t wide enough, so I added a deep teal stripe to finish the back and used the same teal for the binding.

When I quilted it, I did white straight lines in the white sashing and free motion square(ish) boxes in the color columns. I used gray on the front for the boxes and changed the bobbin color from white in the print section to teal in the teal stripe. It isn’t perfect but I like how it turned out.