Life as a dog

Sometimes it is good to be a dog.  When you get to spend time exploring at the sea, for example.



Sometimes, though, it is hard.  Like when you eat a bee, despite all the warnings.


Or you try to take a nap and get stuck in the couch.


Or someone you thought you could trust leaps on you from a height.


But then it goes back to good times in the sunshine, and all is well.



With a hook

I still haven’t unpacked enough to set up sewing, and I also am having trouble containing the yarn stash in my new craft-room-free house.  To solve my itchy fiber fingers, I dug out my largest crochet hooks, read up a little to remember how to use them, and gathered three big cones of cotton yarn with the aim of reducing my stash at least a bit.

First, a bath mat for one of the new bathrooms.  I love crochet for these, as it is dense and sturdy and easily laundered.  I held two blues and a white together with a 9 mm hook and it just ate up the yarn.  In fact, I had to stop when it was still square rather than rectangular because I ran out of the darkest blue.


Next I made a little bowl/basket thing. Two strands this time, and a still large 6 mm hook.  Not sure what it will become . . . maybe I’ll roll up washcloths to stuff in it and put it on a shelf in the same bathroom?


I used the single crochet stitch for both of them. About as simple as it gets with crochet. There was a little variety though. In the bathmat I hooked through just the front loop. With the bowl I hooked under both front and back loops. It makes a slightly different fabric as you can see in the pictures below. Hooking through just the front loop gives it a rather stripey effect. It creates lines across the surface. Hooking under both loops (right pic) makes a more pebbly surface on the fabric.


And, as I said, it really went through the yarn quickly.  Of the three rather full cones, one is gone, and the other two are substantially reduced.  Maybe some dishcloths to finish them off?  And I don’t have to find room to store those cones at least – goal achieved!

The dog found the whole process very intriguing. Several times I had to track a string of yarn through the house to retrieve a cone he’d carried away.  And my son thought maybe I should make Theo a hat next time.  Theo and I are dubious about how successful that would be.


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