DPN holders

I like to knit two socks at a time, to avoid second sock syndrome, the condition of getting one sock done and then wandering off and never finishing the second.  (There is a related syndrome for mittens and gloves.  I have a wonderful stranded mitten that has been without a partner for years.)

I use two sets of double pointed needles and knit each section on both before moving on to the next – first the both cuffs, then the legs, then heel flaps, etc.  This means that one unfinished sock is always stuffed in the sack on its five needles while I work on the other.  Needles get dislodged, or caught, and I found myself frequently having to thread them back into loops, trying to pick stitches back up before they run down the rows.

I bought some cardboard tubes that worked quite well for a while.  but they are starting to bend on the corners by the cutouts and catch on the yarn as I slide them.  Plus, they are fairly utilitarian – not much charm.


Then I found a pattern by the Nome Knitter for cloth dpn holders.  I think I saw it on Pinterest first and then followed the link to the blog.  Plenty of room for charm because I could pick my own fabrics!


I made two sets.  They are super simple.  Small amounts of fabric, some interfacing, some snaps.  A very quick project.


My only real issue came when I discovered that the snap package came with only 7 snaps.  Why an odd number?!  I needed 8, and of course didn’t check the package carefully so I could only complete one of the sets.  I’ve already ordered some colorful plastic snaps online, so I will be making these again.  And lots of other things that need snaps – the bundle came with 100 of them.  I won’t go short again!


I’m using the first set already, and it is working well.  No pulled out needles, and the holders stayed closed while tumbling in a bag in the bottom of my work tote.  I can see making them in lot of colors so I can match them to whatever yarn I’m using.


(P.S. These are Village Socks, a free pattern by All Knit Up.  A simple, stretchy stitch pattern that is easily memorized.  The yarn is some Knit Picks Stroll bare sock yarn that I dyed in jars. A little splitty but springy yarn.)


Two at a time

I am again knitting socks. After a weekend with more frustrations than rewards, I required a bit of yarn therapy – I made it to Twisted on Sunday just enough before closing time to grab a beautiful skein.

And there will be no more second sock syndrome for me!  Although my version of the syndrome isn’t a reluctance to get that second one cast on.  It is more a failure to remember details – how many rows was that first sock’s cuff?  How did I change the heel?  If the number of stitches I cast on was reduced by six, how many stitches did I use in the gusset?  I take notes, but never write down enough.

The purple socks made it clear that Changes Must Be Made.  So I got a second pair of my current favorite sock knitting double points (Hiya Hiya U.S. 1.5s – pointy, light enough to stay in place, slick enough to slide without effort) and decided to knit both socks simultaneously.  Or as simultaneously as is possible while holding only one sock at a time.

Aside – how does that two socks on one needle thing work?  Such a mystery to me.

The yarn is Malabrigo sock, colorway Zarzamora.  Green and blue and purple.  Malabrigo is incapable of making ugly colorways.  My poor light pics taken with an iPad do this one no justice.

The pattern is Petty Harbour Socks, a simple four stitch, four row pattern that is mostly knit but throws in some purl variations to keep it from being boring work.  Very easy to memorize so I can read or watch TV without putting down the needles.

Progress is being made, and two socks are  emerging from the yarn: