If there is no picture, did it happen?

My son, who is nine, got a rare invitation to a girl’s birthday party today.  When he asked her what she wanted for her birthday, since we are more used to buying boy presents, she said she wanted a blanket.  ???  I asked for more details from her mom when I RSVP’d, because that was a little unusual as present requests go, and the mom laughed and said her daughter has been asking for a cuddly throw.  She may get ten of them at this party, but we contributed to the quest for warmth.

I got some zebra print fleece and some red fleece with large white polka dots for the reverse, sewed the two pieces right sides together, flipped it right side out, and stitched around the edge twice for a sturdy border, and a blanket was done.  Easy peasy.

And then I forgot to take a picture before wrapping it.

So this is all the proof I have that I was crafting today: