Floral diamonds done



A finished quilt to check off the to-do list!

It was actually done last week, but I was waiting to post in the hope of getting outside-in-the-sun pictures.  These early-dark and rainy days make photography even more challenging than it usually is for me.  I eventually gave up and photographed it indoors.

The top is made up of of diamonds cut from the scraps of a floral quilt I made my cousin a couple Christmases ago.  As is my habit lately, I pinned it in my sister’s classroom to take advantage of all the space and the indestructible tiled floors.


It is my second diamond top, and I quilted it very similarly to the first, with verticle lines and shadow diamonds scattered in.


I drew the lines with a vanishing pen – when I was done sewing I spritzed water to remove the blue lines, and any remnants were taken care of when I washed it.


The binding was more scraps, machine sewn as usual for speed and durability.



This is never going to be my favorite quilt – I like the overall design, but question some of my color combo choices, but I have a couple potential recipients in mind for the holidays who would really like it, and it is more important that the person who gets it loves it than I do.

My son tested it out, blanket-wise, and says it definitely works.


Purple floral, finished

Done at long last.

This quilt started quite some time ago – last May! – with a mystery box of fabric from Free Spirit, through Craftsy. There were a lot of pinks and purples in the box, and then I added in some Kaffee dots and ombrés, some navy for sashing, and suddenly I had a tremendously girly quilt top.  And two sons who like nerf guns, not flowers.  Oh well, I will find someone to give or sell it to.

My helpers held it over the deck rail for me, but it was a bit shady.  The upper pic in the evening light is a more accurate color.

I like the angled corners.

I top stitched all the sashing edges in navy thread on the front, purple on the back, and then did free motion loops in all the large squares, changing the top thread to match the squares’ fabrics.

One helper is peeking out there.  Note the enthusiasm at helping Mom with yet another sewing photo.

Now it just needs its bath to bring out the crinkles.  I love the look and feel of quilts fresh from the dryer.

More about the making of this quilt here, here, and here.

Such a thing as too much pink

I am generally not a pink or purple fabric person, so this quilt top is feeling a little overwhelmingly sweet to me at the moment.  I think getting the rest of the navy sashing in there will help.  And the back is definitely going to be green or blue, not pink!

Spring Fling quilt in progress image image image image image

The sashed four patch blocks are done.  Now I need the sashing between the blocks and the setting triangles.  Then I can stare at the wall and make sure none of the same fabrics are touching and the darks and lights are spread evenly through the top.

Spring flowers

My spring splurge arrived in the mail today from Craftsy – it included a big box of mystery fat quarters.

Craftsy mystery fat quarters box

I puled led out an assortment, plus one fat quarter from the Kaffe Fassett order that came along too.

Fat quarters for spring fling quilt

I was inspired by this quilt on Pinterest and immediately began cutting.  Here are the 10 1/2 inch squares on point and waiting for their smaller companion squares.  I also need to pick a sashing color.

Spring fling quilt squares

Rainy days are sewing days

It has been wet and gray, weather that makes me want to curl up with a stack of fabrics and a rotary cutter!

A while back I made another diamond quilt, inspired by one I saw a pic of online. The inspiration quilt was arranged with very symmetrical rows, but I wanted a more random distribution to go with the scrappy stripes. (I can’t find the original inspiration picture, but it was a little like this one, but with wider diamonds and a scrappy background.) Mine ended up rather differently, like this:

Yesterday I gathered a pile of floral fabrics and a diamond template and started cutting to make my second diamond quilt.

My diamonds are 12 inches high, with the blocks end up at 12 1/2″ by 7 1/2″ wide. I always make them a little bigger and then trim them to the exact size to make up for any inaccuracies in my piecing. I don’t use pins when I sew the blocks so trimming fixes any shifting. And it doesn’t take long to trim them. In this case there were 24 diamond blocks.

It was definitely a quicker top the second time around, mainly because I wasn’t having to sew all the strips together for stripes, and I also made most of the background blocks bigger as well. Much less sewing all around, and I like the solid effect as well, though I think I will try a third with a single color background. I was determined to make this one without buying any more fabric which made a patchwork background mandatory. And I do love scrappy in a quilt!