Colorful geese

I just finished my colorful flying geese quilt and I love it!

Here it is, quilted but not trimmed and bound, with a kid added to show the size.

Flying geese quilted

And the back, after trimming – I really love how the back turned out.

Flying geese back

I spent sometime trying to find a triangle free motion pattern, but in the end I went with much faster wavy lines that cross cross each other.  I decided it looked like the wind lines that the geese coast on while flying south.  It made it even better that flocks of geese did fly overhead while I was quilting it!

Flying geese quilting detailThe binding is a yellow/green fabric I had in my stash, with bits of leftover Quill fabric inserted here and there.

Flying geese bindingFlying geese binding

It is now draped on the couch and ready to snuggle under.  It adds some color for the gray days ahead.

Finished flying geese


Yesterday I took a break from the blues of the night sky and started the trees that will be at the bottom of the quilt.  Lots and lots of flying geese are going to make up the bulk of this dark forest.

Night sky quilt - greens

I’m using my EZ Flying Geese ruler, cutting 2″ and 2 1/2″ strips.  The geese/trees are all going to be solids with mixed fabric backgrounds.  I’ll fill in all the holes with patchwork, and then curve the forested hills into the night sky.

Green flying geese trees

Green flying geese trees

Green saying geese trees

Green flying geese trees

I’m about half way done with the trees.  I used leftover Kaffe shot cottons and some almost solids for the trees and all the darker greens that I had in my stash and bought last week for the backgrounds.  A couple of the lighter acid greens didn’t make the cut as I want to keep the tones dark and subdued for the most part.  It is a night forest after all.

The slight variation in tree sizes also gives it a little more depth, and it will make more patchwork to even up the block widths when I’m sewing it all together.  I also varied the height of the trees from three to five triangles high.

Got all my ducks in a row

OK, they’re geese, not ducks, but close enough.  And I have completed all my blocks!

My last geese in progress:

I auditioned colors for the remaining spots to make sure I wasn't getting the same fabrics too close together.
I auditioned colors for the remaining spots to make sure I wasn’t getting the same fabrics too close together.

Last flying geese blocks

For this block I still used the no waste method, but mixed up the background colors so all four wouldn't be the same.
For this block I still used the no waste method, but mixed up the background colors so all four wouldn’t be the same.

Flying geese in progress

And the final layout, ready to be sewn together:

Flying geese top

Stitch by stitch

A bit of progress, in-between setting the lawn on fire with firework sparks and trips back and forth between my mom’s and IKEA to furnish her new condo’s extra spaces.

A few more geese blocks added:Flying geese in progress

And more running stitch circles:

Circles pillow cover

But mostly it has been making sure that the kids weren’t setting themselves on fire.  I hope everyone had a safe and sane 4th!

Grandma helped decide which one should blow up next.
Kids with fireworks
They seemed to think hiding behind a swim board would keep them safe.
J with giant sparklers
We all agree that giant sparklers sounded like a good idea, but we like the traditional ones better.

Flying along

My flying geese quilt top is progressing despite the heat driving me out of the sewing room fairly early in the day.  I’ve gone from this:

Flying geese started

To this:

Flying geese in progress

And ended up up today with this:

Flying geese in progress

I changed up the fabric after cutting far too many squares of the other prints.  The colors were right, but the patterns didn’t go well together – I was combining Valerie Wells’ Quill fabrics with Kaffe Fassett dots and whatever the millefiori spots are called.  I kept the dots, got rid of the millefiori, dug out more Quill prints, and added in a couple of other fat quarter prints I had on hand that blended better.  I also ordered a few more half yards of Quill prints and I’ll go by Fabric Depot tomorrow and pick them up.  I was especially happy because they were on clearance!

I’ll have some rearranging to do to mix up directions and colors when I finish all the blocks, but so far it is looking just like I envisioned it.  And I’m getting a lot of practice at cutting and sewing to preserve the geese points.  There is drastic improvement since the first blocks went together.

A new start

I finished up the last border on the Scrapitude quilt this morning – the wide border made it a little too long for my mom to hold it, even with a chair to stand on, so we recruited my husband and held it over the deck.

Scrapitude quilt top


The border is maybe too wide for the middle, but I like it anyway, and it is a better size for a bed.  The scrappy part will cover the top of a twin with enough overhang for the sides.  A burst of color for a bedroom.

Finishing this means the flannel wall is available for the next top.  I’ve been wanting to make a flying geese quilt for a while, so I started cutting for that this morning.

Flying geese fabric

Flying geese squares

I’m using the no waste method to make batches of four matching geese.

I’m not sure about all the patterned fabrics yet in combination with each other.  The solids are Kaffe Fassett shot cottons.  There will be more cutting and I need to decide if I’m going to vary the size of the geese, but it is a start.