Some back story:

We moved into this house in July. It was built in the 1970s, so it was a little tired. We knew we were going to have to do some updating.  One of the least pleasant parts was the carpet – an already stained off white that my sons fairly quickly turned rather gray.  It had to go, especially in the living and family rooms.


Six months later, all new windows, gas fireplace inserts, solatubes, new bamboo flooring, and a whole lot of new living room furniture, and we finally have a useable, attractive front room.


All this furniture was new, stored in the garage until the new flooring came.  We unpacked and assembled and set it in place 5 minutes after the workers left.  We’d waited months and couldn’t wait a minute more.


But no new room can be complete without a quilt! (Pictures, paint, and a rug would also help.)

After an unplanned shopping spree at the fabric store, I combined a lot of warm and cool toned grays and browns, added in golds, and mixed half square triangles, four-patches, and solid squares.


I got a lot of use out of my triangle square up ruler.  My half square triangles are never perfectly sewn, so I cut the squares at 10” to get a slightly bigger than desired square and then trimmed the slight extra edges to 9 1/2” after the blocks were pressed open.


The finished quilt top is 7 x 9 blocks, 63” x 81”.  The colors will really pull the room together once it is quilted.  Perfect for naps on the new couch.


Living room improvements

A long desired goal was met today with the addition of two solatube skylights to my living room and the connected hall. These have always been the darkest parts of our main floor, and adding the solatubes has been on my wish list since we moved in two years ago. And today they were installed!

There are actual shadows in my living room!
There are actual shadows in my living room!
The hall light, in progress - this one has a build in light fixture.
The hall light, in progress – this one has a built-in light fixture.

It makes such a difference – I don’t feel like I need the lamps on in the middle of the day.

One more improvement was made to the room.  I used some scrap fabric from my prints and neutrals bins and made a pillow for the couch.  For the prints I mostly used little bits from the flying geese quilt so they’d coordinate.  The neutrals tie it into the other couch quilt, so it works with both of them.

It is now on the couch, with a guardian cat to make sure no children spill food on it.