Sock update

Just as my sewing has been a little scanty lately, there hasn’t been a lot of knitting in the last two weeks.  Partly because I’ve been too tired in the evenings, and partly because my reoccurring pain in my thumb joints has been back, and the knitting aggravates it.  I’m not sure if it is arthritis or repetitive motion tendinitis, but I have learned that when they hurt, knitting is not the way to go.

But I can’t stay away from the needles completely, or my hands start to itch for the feel of yarn.  So I’ve been working a little at a time on my socks.


The legs of both are done, the heel flaps and gussets shaped, and I’m now beginning the feet.  The pattern (Petty Harbour socks) is a simple one, though I switched out the heel stitch for my favorite eye of partridge stitch pattern because I think it is one of the hardest wearing, and I’m hard on sock heels.

I will be going back to the yarn store as soon as these are done to get more Malabrigo sock yarn.  Such lovely non-pooling colors!


Two at a time

I am again knitting socks. After a weekend with more frustrations than rewards, I required a bit of yarn therapy – I made it to Twisted on Sunday just enough before closing time to grab a beautiful skein.

And there will be no more second sock syndrome for me!  Although my version of the syndrome isn’t a reluctance to get that second one cast on.  It is more a failure to remember details – how many rows was that first sock’s cuff?  How did I change the heel?  If the number of stitches I cast on was reduced by six, how many stitches did I use in the gusset?  I take notes, but never write down enough.

The purple socks made it clear that Changes Must Be Made.  So I got a second pair of my current favorite sock knitting double points (Hiya Hiya U.S. 1.5s – pointy, light enough to stay in place, slick enough to slide without effort) and decided to knit both socks simultaneously.  Or as simultaneously as is possible while holding only one sock at a time.

Aside – how does that two socks on one needle thing work?  Such a mystery to me.

The yarn is Malabrigo sock, colorway Zarzamora.  Green and blue and purple.  Malabrigo is incapable of making ugly colorways.  My poor light pics taken with an iPad do this one no justice.

The pattern is Petty Harbour Socks, a simple four stitch, four row pattern that is mostly knit but throws in some purl variations to keep it from being boring work.  Very easy to memorize so I can read or watch TV without putting down the needles.

Progress is being made, and two socks are  emerging from the yarn:



Dye lots really matter!

Muir wrap knitting project in progress

Recently I started knitting Muir, a pattern that I’ve long had on my Ravelry favorites list. But as I knit repeats and weighed yarn balls, it became clear that no matter what the many people who’ve made this project with Malabrigo lace yarn have said, my knitting gauge wasn’t going to be able to stretch only two skeins of yarn to all the repeats and the borders. So I went online and ordered another skein of the colorway VAA from the fast and friendly people at Jimmy Beans Wool.

Which is where my neglect of dye lots comes in.

Malabrigo lace yarn

My plan to switch skeins every couple rows is not going to save this, not when I already have four repeats done with just the original, darker yarn. The differences are too drastic. The new yarn has a third color completely dominating it, a color not even present in the first skein.

I think this is going to be another navy-is-my-friend overdyeing project. Navy acid dyes have saved me many times. I’ll feed the new yarn in here and there and then plunk the whole thing in the dyeing crockpot when I’m done.

Color changes aside, I love this yarn. Malabrigo lace is one of the softest yarns I’ve ever come across, and it is a joy to knit. I’ve been knitting a lot of worsted and thicker yarns lately, so the soft, weightless slip of this through my fingers is pure joy.