A second pillow

Yesterday I made a second pillow for the couch.  Similar scraps and patchwork to the first, but this time I used the quilt-as-you-go method.     I didn’t want the edges to be solid strips, so I pieced those before sewing them on and quilting them.  I also experimented in some of the sections, changing the direction of the quilted lines, adding some angles and a maze-like pattern in the largest dark piece.  It was fun, but slower than the previous pillow where I did the overall quilting after making the pillow top.

Now it has joined its fraternal twin in the living room.  And once again, a cat guards the quilting.


Living room improvements

A long desired goal was met today with the addition of two solatube skylights to my living room and the connected hall. These have always been the darkest parts of our main floor, and adding the solatubes has been on my wish list since we moved in two years ago. And today they were installed!

There are actual shadows in my living room!
There are actual shadows in my living room!
The hall light, in progress - this one has a build in light fixture.
The hall light, in progress – this one has a built-in light fixture.

It makes such a difference – I don’t feel like I need the lamps on in the middle of the day.

One more improvement was made to the room.  I used some scrap fabric from my prints and neutrals bins and made a pillow for the couch.  For the prints I mostly used little bits from the flying geese quilt so they’d coordinate.  The neutrals tie it into the other couch quilt, so it works with both of them.

It is now on the couch, with a guardian cat to make sure no children spill food on it.



We came back to Oregon just in time for a major heat wave!  It is supposed to be in the low 100s today and has been in the 90s for several days.  And the ten day forecast shows the same level of temps for the foreseeable future!  In a house without air conditioning, this is not fun.  I’m used to maybe a week or two of weather this hot in August, so we are not enjoying it.  Wilting children are lying about moaning, and the parents and grandparent aren’t much better.

How do people on the eastern part of the state cope with this so regularly?!

My post trip plans were all about quilting, but the sewing room is upstairs, which is a good 20 degrees warmer than the basement. So I’ve done a little sewing in the morning before things get too warm, and then abandon the machine for more portable projects.

Scrapitude quilt borders

I finished assembling the blocks for the Scrapitude quilt and got the narrow and widest of the borders on.  There will be one more medium width dark blue one to finish off the top, but that will have to be done on another cooler morning.  A lot more ironing needed as well, but that additional heat was what drove me out of the room.

Running stitch circles

Hedgerow sock in progress

I’ve also added a few circles to my second running stitch pillow cover, and I’m making some progress on the Hedgerow sock that I had for plane knitting on the trip.

But I’m frustrated because I want to be finishing quilts!

An upcycled pillow

My niece’s initials are HK, and my sister, an ardent thrift store addict, found a t-shirt with those initials and asked me to make a pillow out of it for my niece’s birthday.  It has been sitting around waiting for my fickle attention, and today I finally looked at the calendar and counted the days until the birthday and realized I’d better get cracking.

HK pillow - front

No progress pics because it went so quickly I didn’t pause to think to take them.  To stabilize the knit fabric I fused to a square from a sheet that was another thrift store purchase once upon a time.  The picture isn’t quite centered due to needing to cut away the neck ribbing.

For the back I made two hemmed red pieces to overlap to make the pillow removeable for washing.  A quick seam around the edges, clipped corners, flipped right side out and stuffed, and a pillow is born.

HK pillow - back