Purple hedgerow socks


I finished my sock on the last day of vacation, though the photoshoot had to wait until I got back to Oregon as the sun had gone down.

They fit perfectly.


Despite my troubles due to inadequate note taking and letting far too many months pass between the first and second sock, with some ripping back I got them to be the same size.

The pattern is Hedgerow Socks by Jane Cochran. A simple broken rib pattern with lots of stretch.  I made mine 6 stitches narrower and change the heel out for a partridge heel as I think they wear better.  The yarn is something I dyed, but I’m not sure when or what.  It was in my stash a long time.

I’ve learned my lesson about knitting pairs.  I bought another set of my favorite sock needles and I will be knitting two at a time from now on to avoid the replication and memory problems.

Back in the airport for the trip home I cast on 331 stitches for a crescent scarf.  So many stitches!

This one is being knit with handspun yarn – I don’t spin singles very often as I worry about their durability, so it will be interesting to see how this goes.

Wheels and yarn

The big project for our trip to Arizona was to find my mom a car.  We spent the first day – all day – working on it.

She wasn’t very sure about which car she wanted.  When I asked her what her priorities were, she said it had to have Bluetooth and a rear view camera.  That didn’t really narrow the make and model choices much.

But we did find one she liked, so my Mom is now the owner of a new-to-her car.

We’ve mostly been puttering about since then, which leaves plenty of time for sock knitting.  And cacti viewing.  And putting knitting on cacti.

Today my knitting progress was hampered by the fact that I knit sock one months and months ago and didn’t write down all the changes I made to the pattern in the heel.  So I knit the heel flap twice today.  But still, the sock is definitely growing.

A sun break

Spring Break!  No school for a week!

I left the school parking lot and went straight to the airport (well, after stopping to pick up my sister and some chocolate).

We are off to Arizona to visit my snowbird mom.  She lives up near us in the summer and in Surprise, Arizona, in the winter.

An airport sock is born:


Leaving Oregon gave us some spectacular mountain views.  Mt. Hood:


The festival seating on Southwest Airlines was new to me.  I didn’t know we were supposed to just sit anywhere, and then my sister and I debated in the aisle about the merits of bulkhead seating.  (She has very long legs, I needed my knitting and chocolate bag at my feet.) I used to be able to pick up and go to Asia or Africa with 10 minutes notice and now I can’t get down a plane aisle smoothly.  Skills deteriorate so rapidly.

A couple of other sisters traveling in nearby seats were fascinated by the double pointed needles knitting process.  I may have converted a crocheter to sock knitting in the course of the trip.

I woke this morning to the sounds of quail scratching in the rocks and doves cooing.  I’m sitting in a sun beam by the patio fountain sipping fake-fresh-squeezed orange juice (Mom’s orange trees  didn’t do well this winter so she had to buy the juice we demand on arrival).

My sock is enjoying the new surroundings too:


Hedgerow socks pattern by Jane Cochran in some sock yarn I can’t remember the name of that I dyed purple.  I can’t escape purple.

Sock one can be seen here.  It has been waiting a long time for its mate.


Purple floral, finished

Done at long last.

This quilt started quite some time ago – last May! – with a mystery box of fabric from Free Spirit, through Craftsy. There were a lot of pinks and purples in the box, and then I added in some Kaffee dots and ombrés, some navy for sashing, and suddenly I had a tremendously girly quilt top.  And two sons who like nerf guns, not flowers.  Oh well, I will find someone to give or sell it to.

My helpers held it over the deck rail for me, but it was a bit shady.  The upper pic in the evening light is a more accurate color.

I like the angled corners.

I top stitched all the sashing edges in navy thread on the front, purple on the back, and then did free motion loops in all the large squares, changing the top thread to match the squares’ fabrics.

One helper is peeking out there.  Note the enthusiasm at helping Mom with yet another sewing photo.

Now it just needs its bath to bring out the crinkles.  I love the look and feel of quilts fresh from the dryer.

More about the making of this quilt here, here, and here.

Such a thing as too much pink

I am generally not a pink or purple fabric person, so this quilt top is feeling a little overwhelmingly sweet to me at the moment.  I think getting the rest of the navy sashing in there will help.  And the back is definitely going to be green or blue, not pink!

Spring Fling quilt in progress image image image image image

The sashed four patch blocks are done.  Now I need the sashing between the blocks and the setting triangles.  Then I can stare at the wall and make sure none of the same fabrics are touching and the darks and lights are spread evenly through the top.

Spring flowers

My spring splurge arrived in the mail today from Craftsy – it included a big box of mystery fat quarters.

Craftsy mystery fat quarters box

I puled led out an assortment, plus one fat quarter from the Kaffe Fassett order that came along too.

Fat quarters for spring fling quilt

I was inspired by this quilt on Pinterest and immediately began cutting.  Here are the 10 1/2 inch squares on point and waiting for their smaller companion squares.  I also need to pick a sashing color.

Spring fling quilt squares