A quick finish

It has been a while since I added a new item to my etsy store, so this morning when I was in the mood for a small, quick, finish-it-all-in-one-go project I made another coaster set to list.

Coaster in action

I started making these both to get something under the ever-multiplying collection of glasses my family seems to accumulate in the living room, and also to play with quilt-as-you-go.  A pillow I’d made didn’t work out, so I sliced it up into coaster sized pieces.  Then I found them rather addicting and kept going.  After all the cousins and friends had sets, I started listing a few.

QAYG coasters in progress

QAYG coasters in progress


They are great way to use up scraps of batting and fabric, and it is very satisfying to decide to make something and to actually finish it all in the space of a morning.

QAYG coasters -finished

QAYG coasters - back

Saving the table from the children

My kids are young and not the tidiest eaters.  A lot of table clothes and placemats have been left stained and coated in their wake.  So today I replenished the supply a bit with a visit to the scrap bin.

Scrap bin

Lots of cutting (and unfortunately, recutting when I got my measurements wrong for the backing).

Placemat cutting and trimming

I used a quilt-as-you-go technique as I didn’t want binding on these.  Loops in the dark blue areas and wavy gray lines in the scrappy columns. Then I sewed the backs to the fronts, right sides together, flipped them inside out, and stitched around the edges.

Quilting placematsAnd we have four new placemats to save the table and tablecloths from the depredations of my splashy eaters.

Finished placemats