A few finishes

While we were pretty busy over the holiday, I did get some time in on a couple of projects.

I finished my most recent triangle scarf: Drachenfels. I followed the pattern pretty much exactly except for the gauge and one part near the end where I didn’t read the pattern closely enough and left out a stripe.  It is a good pattern to use small or partial skeins and could easily be modified to any size, types of yarn, or stripe pattern


I also made myself a tote for work as I’m tired of juggling my lunch bag, purse, and knitting bag through the parking lot.  I think the alphabet fabric is perfect for working in a school.

I didn’t really have a pattern, though I looked at a few tote tutorials just to remind myself of the steps before I started.

I quilted the outer fabric first in one big piece and then cut it to size.  I used the outer panels as the pattern for the lining pieces.  I covered cotton straps with black canvas to make them sturdy, put an outer pocket between the straps and two inner pockets also lined with canvas for sturdiness.  It turned out just like the picture in my head, which doesn’t always happen!




Clue 4 from the Scrapitude mystery QAL came out a few days ago and I’ve made some progress on it. This step brings all the pieces together into large squares or triangles.  Today I got some of the squares finished.

Scrapitude QAL clue 4

Scrapitude QAL clue 4

I’m leaning towards the idea that it may be set on point with all the triangles, but I won’t know for sure until next month’s clue.  There is also talk of sashing, so I’ll need to pick one more fabric for that, and maybe some for borders.

My sister continued her new fascination with weaving.  I helped her set up another warp this morning – so much faster with two hands – and she is weaving up a storm while watching creepy zombie movies.  I guess she’ll have a skill to barter when the zombie apocalypse begins.




It apparently takes a very large coffee to warp.

Kathie weaving scarf 2



My boys have always called weaving on my rigid heddle loom “looming.”  I haven’t gotten the loom out for awhile, but my sister, who teaches a middle school class for severely disabled students, wants to work on weaving with them.  So this morning we dragged out various bins of yarn and I taught her how to direct warp my 24″ Kromski loom.  Which, of course, I forgot to take pictures of.  But here she is weaving away on her soon-to-be-a-scarf.

Kathie Sue weaving a scarf

I especially like that she matched her blue yarn to her blue hair.  And that warping the loom forced me to clear off the dining room table.

We also have a birthday boy in the family this weekend.  Eight!

Birthday cake


She wove all day and finished the scarf that we just warped this morning! Now she’s deciding what tomorrow’s scarf should look like.

Finished woven scarf

Not much to show for it

All that time spent gathering yarn and choosing projects and this is all the knitting I accomplished on our trip to Israel:

Color block mistake rib scarf in progress

I just wasn’t feeling like knitting.  Too jet lagged at first, then busy, and then I got immersed in a murder mystery series by Nancy Martin that took up all the down time.  So I carted a lot of yarn across several continents with not much to show for it.

But my boys made adorable ring bearers, despite the fact that they(we) didn’t understand a word of the ceremony, other than mazel tov.

Ring bearers

And my sister-in-law was the opposite of a bridezilla and we really liked the groom.  However, I’m still a little miffed about the fact that it rained (and hailed! and snowed!) most of the time we were there.  What is the point of visiting a desert country in February if it isn’t going to have any better weather than Oregon?

Jet lag has continued to plague me since we got back and I’m not getting much sleep, but today I finally felt alert enough to get back to the sewing machine, so I hope to have some progress pics on projects to post soon.  (Jet lag apparently leads to alliteration.)