Colorful geese

I just finished my colorful flying geese quilt and I love it!

Here it is, quilted but not trimmed and bound, with a kid added to show the size.

Flying geese quilted

And the back, after trimming – I really love how the back turned out.

Flying geese back

I spent sometime trying to find a triangle free motion pattern, but in the end I went with much faster wavy lines that cross cross each other.  I decided it looked like the wind lines that the geese coast on while flying south.  It made it even better that flocks of geese did fly overhead while I was quilting it!

Flying geese quilting detailThe binding is a yellow/green fabric I had in my stash, with bits of leftover Quill fabric inserted here and there.

Flying geese bindingFlying geese binding

It is now draped on the couch and ready to snuggle under.  It adds some color for the gray days ahead.

Finished flying geese

A new start

I finished up the last border on the Scrapitude quilt this morning – the wide border made it a little too long for my mom to hold it, even with a chair to stand on, so we recruited my husband and held it over the deck.

Scrapitude quilt top


The border is maybe too wide for the middle, but I like it anyway, and it is a better size for a bed.  The scrappy part will cover the top of a twin with enough overhang for the sides.  A burst of color for a bedroom.

Finishing this means the flannel wall is available for the next top.  I’ve been wanting to make a flying geese quilt for a while, so I started cutting for that this morning.

Flying geese fabric

Flying geese squares

I’m using the no waste method to make batches of four matching geese.

I’m not sure about all the patterned fabrics yet in combination with each other.  The solids are Kaffe Fassett shot cottons.  There will be more cutting and I need to decide if I’m going to vary the size of the geese, but it is a start.