Kiki Mariko 2 finished


After multiple trips through the washer and dryer, my second Kiki Mariko rug is finished.

As you can see from the picture at the top, it is a little bit wonky. The felting came out a little bit unevenly, but I think I’m going to say that just adds character.  And this is a rug for us to rub our feet on when we come in from outside, so perfection is not required. It is really soft and dense and squishy, all that a rug should be.

And it used up nine skeins of bulky yarn, making a nice dent in the excessive yarn stash!

It amazes me how much felting shrinks and tightens yarn.  It is almost a third shorted than it started.  This is what it looked like before it went into the wash the first time:

Rug before felting

(It wasn’t as distorted as it appeared in the photo – the flare is an optical illusion due to the angle I took the pic from.)

I felted it as a tube, putting a cotton line through the ends to tighten them and reduce the ruffling that can happen at the edge of felted projects.


It worked better at one end than the other, but trimming took care of some of that later.

After four washes, I cut the tube along the center of the steek.


It was really wildly shaped at that point!


Another trip through the washer flattened it out a lot more, and then I trimmed off the steek remnants and evened out the sides.

It is supposed to have a blanket stitch edging to finish it off, but I don’t know that it really needs it.  It isn’t going to ever unravel – the individual strands of yarn are fully stuck together.  My other idea, just for looks, it to add a canvas binding.

But for now, I’m going to use it as is.  My toes are happy!


Kiki Mariko

Time to get another TV knitting project going.  I couldn’t see starting another cowl after finishing three in a row, but I wasn’t yet done with circular needles, so I turned to one of my Mason-Dixon knitting books and cast on a Kiki Mariko rug.

So many good things will be accomplished with this project:

I’ll have a rug to replace the old towel currently protecting the carpet in front of our sliding glass door.

I will get rid of at least half of a very large bag of Lamb’s Pride bulky yarn that I’ve been collecting when it went on sale.  So much space will be created in the yarn storage!

I will not have more cowls right away.  There is no need for more cowls.

I will get to knit with size 15 needles, which amuse me with every stitch – so big! So shiny! Musical metallic tings with every stitch.

I will get a rug to replace the Kiki Mariko that I knit some years ago and lost during a move.

(My kids loved that project.  I can’t believe how small they were then!)

This rug is knit as a huge, loose tube with a steek.  After felting, the steek is cut and a flat, dense, tough rug is the result.  You can see how much it shrinks in the before and after photos above.  In official measurements, it went from one full kid to 3/4s of a kid.

It is a very quick knit.  Each row adds about 3/4s of an inch in length.  Other than wrestling the stitches around the thick tube of the circular needle, it is about as easy a stranded patterns as it is possible to make.

Let the vacation knitting begin!  (I am officially on Winter Break in 4 minutes.  Go, clock, go!)