Sewing cute

My sister, who is one of the few people that I let inside of our isolation bubble, decided it would be a “fun project” to sew a baby quilt for one of her colleagues.  Actually, this time she turned out to be right. It really was fun.

Slightly to her dismay, she did most of the sewing. The baby decorating scheme is apparently forests and mountains.  I found examples of quilts with trees and mountains and she picked the birch tree look. Their school mascot is a hedgehog, so that definitely had to go into the forest.  Then we both cut and she sewed all the straight lines.  Fairly straight even!


This quilt was our inspiration.  We went with raw edge appliqué for the hedge hog, and strip sewed a bunch of black, white, gray and cream to speed up the trees.  A little slicing, reversing, and occasionally seam ripping a slice to insert more to mix up the lines made the tree part go very quickly.  I sliced up the background to insert the trees and she sewed them in.

A few sloping forest floor lines later, and there was only the hedgehog left to make.



That is just pure adorable in my opinion.

The sandwiching, quilting and binding were all my jobs, though she did come back and learn how to bury thread ends.  I will make a quilter out of her yet!


It was pretty simple quilting.  Mostly stitching in the ditch around the trees and the bark stripes – I occasionally lost the ditch, but it went well overall.  I outlined the hedgehog and added some internal stitching to really anchor it – we know the raw edges will fray a little over time, but that is supposed to make it more like hedgehog — Fur? Hair? Spikes?  At least that’s how we are going to explain it.

Here it is pre-washing machine:


And straight from the dryer in full crinkle. The hedgehog survived!


It was off to the baby shower 5 minutes after it came out of the dryer.  Finished just in time.



Yesterday I took a break from the blues of the night sky and started the trees that will be at the bottom of the quilt.  Lots and lots of flying geese are going to make up the bulk of this dark forest.

Night sky quilt - greens

I’m using my EZ Flying Geese ruler, cutting 2″ and 2 1/2″ strips.  The geese/trees are all going to be solids with mixed fabric backgrounds.  I’ll fill in all the holes with patchwork, and then curve the forested hills into the night sky.

Green flying geese trees

Green flying geese trees

Green saying geese trees

Green flying geese trees

I’m about half way done with the trees.  I used leftover Kaffe shot cottons and some almost solids for the trees and all the darker greens that I had in my stash and bought last week for the backgrounds.  A couple of the lighter acid greens didn’t make the cut as I want to keep the tones dark and subdued for the most part.  It is a night forest after all.

The slight variation in tree sizes also gives it a little more depth, and it will make more patchwork to even up the block widths when I’m sewing it all together.  I also varied the height of the trees from three to five triangles high.