While others were creating sawdust this weekend, I got a little time on the sewing machine.  First I made a couple of dog bed covers for my brother (discovering along the way that I will never sew with rubber/plastic backed outdoor fabric ever again!) and then today I made a tunic that I’ve been meaning to try for a while.

After chopping apart a men’s shirt from Goodwill and a long sleeve T I had on hand:

T-shirt and dress shirt tunic image

I sewed the two together.  A few pleats to make them fit and the addition of belt-like section where they join, and I have a nearly finished tunic.  I want to add a couple buttons to the belt and I need to complete the top stitching, but I like the finished result.  Not slimming, but very comfy.

T-shirt and dress shirt tunic image

Moving on

Some days I have to remind myself that there is joy in the process, not just the product. Today was one of those days. After cutting and sewing and puzzling out pattern directions and sewing and ripping and sewing again, I got far enough along with the pullover cotton shirt I’ve really wanted to have to try it on.

Let’s just say it did not go well.

Apparently, my weight gain has been a lot more – is impactful a word? – than I had realized.

And it isn’t as if this was a tight fitting outfit! It is a damn tunic! I’m bitter.

Bitter, but I also got on the treadmill for an hour, so the process part of all this continues.

As for the product, it now belongs to my mother. Who, I’m sorry to say, is gloating a little bit about the fact that it fits her. I’m no longer sorry I made her climb on that chair in the wind and rain yesterday!

I made version D with the long, cuffed sleeves. Both Mom and I didn’t like the width or stiffness of the cuffs, so despite all the wrestling and ripping out and resewing I did to get the covered plackets right, in the end I whacked them off and did turned up 3/4 sleeves. Much better.

I’m not giving up on having something new to wear. I dialed back the ambition and got out the pattern for a V neck t-shirt that I know fits me and I’m sewing again.