Red and white – blocks 2 & 3


Block two for the red and white quilt is called Devil’s Claws, which is rather dark for a pretty block that didn’t cause any trouble. I’d have probably gone with a name referencing the hourglass, but we’ll go with it.

Now off to the treadmill and then to the fabric sale. I need some gray batik for a dolphin commission.


Got the third block done this afternoon. This one is called Next Door Neighbor, a friendly name than the last block. Two reds on this one, and I changed the color arrangement from the original as I’m emphasizing the Xs.


Red and white Xs

Because I don’t have enough works in progress, I started a new project today.


I’ve had the fabric for a red and white quilt for a while, but couldn’t decide on the pattern. Then I got this book:

So the plan now is to make a bunch of different 10″ X blocks. I have three different reds, so I’m set for those that need more than one color in addition to the white background.

The first one (above) is Mosaic #10 in the book. (I do not getting the naming process of these at all.)


I had to add the color reminder post-it because the directions are labelled light and dark, and I’m reversing those. I made a cutting error at first, but caught on fairly quickly.

I also didn’t use the template, as it was just a 4″ square cut on the bias. I could do that one without the bother of a template.

This will be a once and a while project that I can pick up and make a block or two when I’m in the mood.